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Kristan Care: Healthcare Plan For The United States Of America

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The structure of the Kristan Care Health Plan is a Universal model where health insurance is mandatory for all people living in the United States. The Universal plan provides every individual, regardless of age, social class, or medical condition the same quality health care. This is about providing a specific package of benefits to all of society with the end goal of providing financial risk protection, improved access to health services, and improved health outcomes. People will also be able to purchase supplementary insurance upgrades if they want. The Healthcare plan would be purchased by the individual rather than the employer.
Affordability/Cost Containment
The affordability/cost containment aspect of Kristan Care is the same throughout the country; insurers are required to offer their basic insurance to everyone regardless of age or medical condition. The coverage is the same and avoids any double standards in healthcare.
The insured person would pay a premium for their basic plan up to 7% of their personal income. If the premium is higher than 7% of their income the government would pay a subsidy for the remainder. In cases of hospitalization the insured person would pay part of the cost of treatment with a minimum of 200 dollars to a maximum of 2000 depending on personal income. Hospitalization for pregnancies would be free. Immunizations would also be free as they are important to the public health.
Benefits in Kristan Care are limited to required healthcare and required procedures. Kristan Care will not cover elective procedures like cosmetic surgeries, unless done for reconstruction. There will be no limits on benefits as long as the patient has a legitimate reason certified by a physician.
Kristan Care will contain costs by not making the same mistakes being made today. The Institute of Medicine (IIOM) estimates that almost 30% of national health expenditures or 765 billion dollars are attributable to wasteful spending with excessive administrative costs; poor care delivery, unnecessarily high prices and fraud.
We will also pay close attention to readmission rates at hospitals. According to CMS one in five Medicare beneficiaries are re-admitted within 30 days, costing more than 26 billion dollars annually. These are some of the many opportunities to reduce costs and engage patients that we will be paying close attention to.
The coverage for Kristan Care will be a Universal Mandate that all people should be covered by a healthcare insurance. The market should have so many options that everyone will be able to find a policy that they can afford. All policies that are offered will have a basic requirement by law to cover hospitalization, pediatric care, mental health, substance abuse care, doctor visits, rehabilitation, immunizations, mammograms, outpatient treatments, drugs, tests and other preventive care. Kristan Care will also include maternity care in their basic plan.
All illnesses needing medical attention...

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