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Kristen's Cookie Company (A) Essay

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Kristen's Cookie Company (A)OperationTime(minutes)1Washing and mixing62Dishing up23Baking104Cool55Packing26Payment11.How long will it take you to fill a rush order?One dozen order size:ROFT= 6+2+10+5+2+1=26 minTwo dozen order size:ROFT= 6+2+10+10+5+2+1=36 minThree dozen order size:ROFT=6+2+10+10+10+5+2+1=462.How many orders can you fill in a night, assuming you are open four hours each night?One dozen order size:The bottleneck of the process is baking, so the process cycle time will be 10 minThen the Capacity of the system will be = 60*4/10=24 orders/nightTwo dozen order size:The bottleneck of the process is baking, so the process cycle time will be 10*2= 20 minThen the Capacity of the system will be = 60*4/20=12 orders/nightThree dozen order size:The bottleneck of the process is baking, so the process cycle time will be 10*3=30 minThen the Capacity of the system will be = 60*4/30=8 orders/night3.How much of your own and your roommate's valuable time will it take to fill each order?One dozen order size:My time = 6+2 =8Roommate's time = 1+2+1 = 4Two dozen order size:My time = 6+2+2 =10Roommate's time = 1+1+2+2+1 = 7Three dozen order size:My time = 6+2+2+2 = 12Roommate's time = 1+1+1+2+2+2+1 = 104.Should you give any discount for people who order two dozen cookies, three dozen cookies, or more? If so, how much? Will it take you any longer to fill a two-dozen cookie order than a one-dozen cookie order?Suppose the labor is $10/dozen, then the original labor for two and three dozen will be $20 and $30. Making two dozen orders size will only cost me and my roommate 10+7=17min, while making three dozen orders size will only cost me and my roommate 12+10=22 min.One dozen order size:No discount.Two dozen order size:$10/ (8+4)*(10+7) = 14.171-14.17/20= 29%So we can give discount up to 29% off. We will probably choose to go with 20%~25%offThree dozen order size:$10/ (8+4)*(12+10) =18.331-18.33/30= 39%So we can give discount up to 39% off, We will probably choose to go with 30%~35% off.5.How many food processors and baking trays will you need?Because the food processor can hold ingredients for up to 3 dozen cookies, so we only need one for 1-3 dozen order size.One dozen order size:We need 2 trays.Two dozen order size:We need 2 trays.Three dozen order size:We need 2 trays6.Are there any changes you can make in your production plans that will allow you to make better cookies or more cookies in less time or at lower cost?In each case, the bottleneck...

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