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It was 8:00 in the morning in Poopopilis Pooptown. Birds were singing and kids were playing hop scotch before the last day of school. “Goobly-goo!” Yelled Kroshawn, “I’m going to be late on the last day of school!”
Kroshawn is a junior at Pooptown High School. He is hoping to have a great college education when he graduates from High School, while trying to make friends in life. As he prepares for school, his mother makes him toast with butter for the go so he won’t be late. Kroshawn woke up and slipped quietly into his bear suit. “Bye Mom. See you after school,” Kroshawn said as he exited through the front door of his house.
“Have a good day,” said his mother. “Love you!” At the speed of ...view middle of the document...

“Three months of being free with nothing to do but swim, play, and hang out. Though it sucks that I didn’t make as many friends as I hoped . . .” said Kroshawn sadly with a dismal look on his face. He had problems with making friends because people in his town of Poopopilis Pooptown were racist against Jewish people, and the fact he was also British and almost 8 feet tall didn’t help much either.
Alan replied, “Aww Man, don’t worry; you’ll probably make more friends this summer. You should try out for the basketball team next year. I bet you’d be good at it being 7-foot-6 and all.”
“Thanks, I think I might,” said Kroshawn optimistically. “But I don’t know if I can separate from hockey though… eh!”
“Hahahahahahahahahaha LAWL hahahahahahaha,” Alan chuckled at first, but began clutching his sides as his horrible disorder. (Alan was dropped on his funny bone as a kid, so he was cursed to laugh for 5 minutes straight. This even occurred at the slightest and stupidest jokes… poor poor Alan.) Of laughing syndrome began kicking in.
Kroshawn put his new Beats by Dr. Dre headphones on and began listing to 2-Pac. This is how the story begins, with the slightest mistake of listening to another artist than who the certain headphones you’re wearing are sponsored by.
As Kroshawn listened to the music coming from his Beats, a wild griffin came out of nowhere and destroyed the roof of the bus and ate the fat bus driver, who decided to throw a cheese puff at it. He was the typical lion-bird crossbreed. After the griffin finished eating the bus driver, he snatched Kroshawn and Alan and took both of them away.
“Let go of me, you beast!” yelled Kroshawn. “Where are you taking me?”
“I was told by my master to take you to him in his mansion,” said the griffin.
“Who is your master?” said Kroshawn in a confused look. “Why does he want me at his mansion?”
“We are here,” said the griffin.
As the griffin and Kroshawn landed at the mansion, Kroshawn noticed many statues of...

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