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Kudler Coupons Project Report

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"Kudler Fine Foods has a plan for 2007 to delight its new and existing customers through customer-focused programs, better information management, targeted awareness building and increased behind the scenes efficiency and cost containment" (Kudler Fine Foods, 2007 Sales Plan).The goals listed above are not only important to the success of the business but also must be completed in a timely manner. The Kudler Coupons Project embodies all these initiatives and must be completed on an aggressive timeline due to unforeseen setbacks. LTA is dedicated to putting the project back on track and is focused on creating a quality application that will aid in the success of Kudler Fine Foods.LTA's Actions to Bring this Project to Completion on TimeThe first task to bringing this project back online and on schedule was to identify the issues faced with the last project plan. Flaws in the plan have allowed LTA to determine it was not analyzed in detail. The time taken to review the design of the database could have been spent on other important tasks. The purchase of hardware was also performed too late in the implementation process. To combat these type issues in our project plan, LTA has added more work resources, conducted parallel design evaluations and coordinated development. LTA also will start the procurement of hardware as soon as the project is approved. These decisions allow LTA to build the software to the exact specifications of the production environment. LTA implements not only a production environment but also a mirrored developmental environment for testing so no production outages are required. This whole project plan is kept aggressive, from design to development, and even to the testing schedules. Overall, LTA identifies the risks associated with all major tasks and effectively communicates with those who are affected by this project.Project Plan SummaryThe Kudler Coupons project has to be finished in 36 days and the total cost of the project will be $27,0629.29. The following sections provide information on project plan.Project Management: 35.13 days, $4,287.52Because the project had several steps completed already, Learning Team A (LTA) revised the project plan and went back to the foundation, reflecting the need to purchase hardware and software for the development test and production environments. These items will be ordered early to ensure on-time delivery for testing in a later phase. Upon receipt of the project turnover from Yvonne Reynolds, LTA updated the project plan (included with this proposal) and will meet with Yvonne Reynolds for approval of modifications, this section's milestone. In addition, sporadic monitoring and control tasks fall under the Project Management high level task, including meetings regarding team status, project risk, project status, and timecard management. While short in duration (generally one hour), these meetings have the goal of heading off issues as they arise instead of the project being affected...

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