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Running head: COMMUNICATION PLANKudler Fine Foods Communication PlanUniversity of PhoenixCommunication PlanKudler Fine Foods (KFF) are providers of the finest collection of quality foods and wines. The advertising objective within this communication plan is to be cost-effective while communicating the KFF message to the correct demographics in a timely manner and displaying the unique advantages the company offers their customers. A blend of methods and media will be required domestically and internationally for KFF's launch of fine gourmet foods. Advertising, personal selling, and public relations are the major forms of communication to be used. Advertising in both the domestic and international markets will include the aggressive use of signage and flyers in their stores. Public relations articles to build eagerness about shopping in Kudler stores are ideal for international advertising and communications. The communications plan includes evaluating advertising and promotion programs for the new product, the technology trends available to help market the product, compare and contrast the marketing communication strategies for both domestic and international markets and an explanation of differences. Also included in the plan is the evaluation of factors involved in developing and managing an effective marketing communications plan for the new product (University of Phoenix, 2010).New product advertising and promotion programsKFF must consider the object of its marketing plan, which is to show the target audience the quality of its product and introduce them to the new line of German food imports. For this reason, the brand should focus on reminder and informative advertising. Reminder advertising focuses on 'reminding' the consumer of the nature of the brand; KFF can focus on the established quality of its gourmet products and services. Informative advertising seeks to educate the consumer about new products, whether it's a new product offering or new ways to use products already offered. Informative outlets include in-store demonstrations such as cooking classes and free recipes. KFF already has a knowledgeable staff that includes chefs and departmental experts, which would make it easier to organize the aforementioned promotional events.With regard to the Canadian expansion, KFF must focus on getting its name into the Canadian gourmet foods market. The company should focus more of its budget on advertising that promotes brand recognition. Market research will help define the Canadian gourmet foods audience, so that KFF can choose media outlets that will reach that audience most effectively. The brand may consider carrying products in its Canadian stores that Canadians already associate with quality gourmet goods.Technology trends available to help market the productThere are many technology trends available to help market a product. One of the most popular technology trends is the internet. It is a...

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1635 words - 7 pages SECTION I: BUSINESS OBJECTIVESCurrent Business Processes and SystemsKudler Fine Foods is an upscale gourmet ingredient store selling breads, pastries, meat, seafood, produce, cheese, dairy, domestic wine and imported wine. The company currently is based in three business locations. These locations include La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. Kudler does not have an official purchasing department; however, standard purchasing procedures are located

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517 words - 2 pages Kudler Fine Foods is a rapidly growing business located in the San Diego Metropolitan area of California. Founded in 1998, Kudler specializes in providing superiority gourmet foods to a wide range of customers and business.When Kudler opened its first store in 1998, Microsoft Access was chosen as the database platform used to track inventory, orders and customers. While this initially proved to be an adequate solution, it has since outgrown its

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652 words - 3 pages IntroductionKudler Fine Foods was established in 1998 and is currently owned Kathy Kudler, which has created a site that allows shoppers to select the freshest ingredients for gourmet cooking. Kathy is passionate about cooking thus the creation of Kudler Fine Foods. Reasonable prices coupled with the convenience of one-stop shopping its purpose of providing online access to various ingredients and tools. Stores are vastly spreading in California

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1061 words - 4 pages Kudler Fine Foods 1Kudler Fine Foods Marketing ResearchIntroductionIn January 1998, Kathy Kudler, a Vice-President of Marketing for a defense contractor, got an idea. She wanted to open her own business of a food shop for people who had a taste for the finer things in life. Kathy built a business plan, received financing, and just six months later opened Kudler Fine Foods. They are a specialty food store near San Diego, California and currently

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1777 words - 7 pages continuous improvement plan and analysis is important for Kudler Fine Foods. In addition, analyzing a procedure allows for measuring rudiments to be implemented. If the measuring elements are positioned within the right locations of the process, the doubt of the process can be exposed. For this reason, a set of contingency procedures can be enacted to alleviate the cause of uncertainty. Finding the precise position of the errors or problems will

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1106 words - 4 pages , to Del Mar and Encinitas with a plan to open a fourth store soon. With this newfound growth, the business is focusing on increasing services through new marketing strategies (Kudler Fine Foods, 2007).Marketing ObjectivesIn addition to expanding store locations, Kudler Fine Foods wants to increase its services, develop greater organization of operations, and improve the customer's purchase practice. The eventual goal for the company is to