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Kudler Fine Foods Database Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods Database Analysis

Kudler Fines Foods is a rapidly growing small business located in Southern California. Founded in 1998, Kudler specializes in providing quality gourmet foods to a wide range of customers.

When Kudler opened its first store back in 1998, Microsoft Access was chosen as the database platform used to track inventory, orders and customers. While this initially proved to be an adequate solution, it has since outgrown its usefulness. Now with three stores and a fourth due to open soon, a new database management system must be put into place.

One of the most detrimental problems with the Microsoft Access database is that it is limited to a file size of only two gigabytes. While this may initially seem like a large files size, it can rapidly grow and eventually reach this maximum size in a relatively short amount of time. This one drawback alone is reason enough to pursue a better solution.

Another aspect of Microsoft Access that does not scale well is that it will not accommodate multiple users simultaneously. The database needs to be updated continuously by multiple users at each store. Running one instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in a centralized location could easily handle the database needs of all of the store locations. Connections to the database could be made via Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections over the Internet. Updates to the database can be further streamlined by developing and utilizing a web based interface.

The best solution for Kudler Fine Foods would be to implement an enterprise level database solution. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 would be a great fit for the database needs of Kudler Fine Foods. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 will easily meet the current needs of Kudler Fine Foods and also meet their needs of the future as they continue their growth.

Existing Database Overview

Currently the Kudler database contains nine tables. Each table is designed
to support and facilitate the filling of orders placed by customers in the stores. Based upon the description of the tables that was posted on Kudler’s intranet and our analysis, the tables may be described in the following manner:

The Customer table contains demographic data for each of Kudler’s customers. The data in this table is used to access the name and address of customers for order processing and for special mailings for anniversaries and/or birth dates, etc. Each record in the customer table contains a customer_id field that is used to link the customer to the orders that they place.

The Inventory table contains the components that make up an Item. It is used for managing inventory and determining the availability of ingredients that go into prepared items, such as bakery products, etc. Each record in the inventory table is linked to the Item table by the item_id and to the Supplier’s table by the supplier_id.

The Item table stores information pertaining to products that may appear on an order....

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