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Kudler Fine Foods Internet Site Essay

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This paper will discuss the tasks assigned in service request SR-kf-002. The tasks are to review Kudler Fine Foods internet site from the customer's prospective. Indicate if the site is easy to maintain and update. Discuss the design elements that are effective including as to why they are effective. Proposed changes will be recommended for the design and use of features to enhance the website will be provided as well as reasoning behind such changes and recommendations. Technical aspects will be described as well as what features will be cost effective for the recommendations provided.The Kudler site is meant to be an informative site about the history, products, and operations of Kudler ...view middle of the document...

Although the color palette that is used is consistent from page to page, the choice of colors is rather dark, bland, dreary, and does not mesh well together. This is also evident in the roll over effects on the links. The lack of good color scheme and the way that the space is being used gives an amateur appearance that is not consistent with a company that prides itself on providing fine foods.The images used on the site are very few and lack tangible appeal. There should be more high quality pictures of actual products that are offered by Kudler. This lets the consumer genuinely see the types of products that are offered and how the products will appear when they are purchased. A large empty banner at the top of the page consumes one-fourth of the pages content, yet has no real purpose or graphical appeal.The site is also setup by tables with the largest table displaying the information that is associated with the links shown across the top as they are selected. However, the content of these separate pages is so minimal that it could have all been easily placed on one page. This effect causes the site to seem overdone for the amount of content that is provided and adds to its amateur appearance. Kudler Fine Foods specializes in offering their customers the finest selection of wine and gourmet cooking. This is the picture that their site should also paint in the mind of everyone that visits it.Maintenance to the Kudler site in its current state would be virtually nothing. None of the information currently being provided requires updating as it is very basic and very general. The site is static with no interaction between the site and the web site user or browser. If they were to address some of the issues previously mentioned above, then maintenance and updating efforts may become necessary. For example, the possibility of adding e-commerce to the site would require much maintenance and updating due to the complexity of purchasing and inventory record keeping. Kudler has the option of outsourcing web maintenance for things of this nature and even many tools that would allow Kudler to automate the entire process. Although, this process would require more work and more capital the potential for online sales and customer growth greatly outweighs the initial investment. Another aspect that would require maintenance in the future is content. If Kudler decided to maximize the potential of their website, allowing their site to mirror the current initiatives of their brick and mortar locations would be ideal. It gives a customer a chance to relate with what is happening with the company even if they are not physically able to visit. Though this would be advantageous for Kudler, it would also require frequent updates to much of the content of the website. Overall, although maintenance and updates are not current concerns for Kudler's website, with a few changes they would not only be advantageous, but extremely necessary.After examining Kudler's...

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