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Kudler Frequent Shopper Program Essay

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Kudler Frequent Shopper Program
One of the main goals of Kudler Fine Foods in its growth is to develop a system to track customer purchases, therefore a frequent shopper program is being put in place to accomplish the tracking while also awarding customers loyalty points for redemption. When creating such system for a company one must take into consideration many factors such as legal, ethical and information security concerns in order to succeed.
Currently the president of the company has kept legal expenses to a minimum by receiving legal advice from her sister-in-law Anne Shousha which is a tax attorney. Another flaw is that Kudler uses very few custom forms to deal with contracts, ...view middle of the document...

The best way to avoid any privacy legal issues is to follow moral ethics in the business, from using energy efficient hardware to treating everyone with respect is the correct way to conduct a successful business and to avoid unwanted legal dilemmas.
This new program also comes with a social responsibility to honor the correct loyalty points to customers to avoid legal issues as well and to attract more business.
A full ethical analysis is required for the new program that will identify and clearly describe the facts, identify the stake holders, identify reasonably options to take and their potential consequences. Once the analysis is complete certain candidate ethical principles should be in effect such as: putting yourself into the place of others, and thinking of yourself as the object of the decision to maximize fairness in the decision making. Ethical issues are very important especially when dealing customer’s food products and their funds, following good ethical principles will make the new frequent shopper program run smoother and efficient.
Another important aspect that ties directly to legal and ethical issues is information security concerns, as this program gets developed the information has to be dealt with maximum care and abiding with all the general federal privacy laws. This goes back to the hardware that will store and process all the information from customers, vendors and the company itself. One major flaw in the company it is the lack of software productivity, investments will have to be made to develop a database that will communicate across the four locations and...

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