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Kudler Integration Essay

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Emphasizing components when upgrading and installing virtual systems can be a very attention-grabbing. When this project is being implemented all components must be considered and carefully measured. Now when conducting an implementation as technical as this may be a hardware compatibility list (HCL) must be considered (VMware Inc, 2014). The HCL is a list of hardware particularly computer hardware that is compatible with a certain type of operating system (OS). In project management this is more or less the first step to the implementation process. Our proposal is to implement VMware software into the network. One of the components to ...view middle of the document...

This cabling will ensure the proper compatible integration for the system. Now the Business Case is subjected to save money, this implementation will remove multiple servers and condense to the BL40p Blade server. The software being downloaded will be VMware work station which is what most companies use that decide to go virtual. As part of making sure we have a reliable system/network a dual redundant software image should be applied. This is to ensure that if the system begins to fail there will be a backup redundant service to provide. Now to ensure compatibility we can start testing our hardware and software by downloading "Showkase" which is an application that can properly run a Server Compatibility Test (SCT) on the BL40p Blade Server (SimpleViewer Inc,2014). This SCT speeds up phases within an implementation of the overall project. Showkase can possibly save money and time in this project, Project Managers and Senior Management always want a status of the integration process, by using "Showkase" we can eliminate waiting and can announce compatibility results faster (SimpleViewer Inc,2014).Reference:SimpleViewer Inc (2014). Server Compatibility Test Inc (2014). VMware Compatibility Guide.,d.cGE.

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