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Kugler Foods Disaster Recovery Plan Essay

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Introduction and Executive SummaryPurpose of PlanThe purpose of the disaster recovery/business resumption plan is to develop the framework for Kudler Fine Foods to continue providing fine foods to its customers in the event of an emergency that result in the partial or full closing of the primary facility. The plan unifies the efforts of the Departments for a comprehensive and effective approach for responding to and reducing the service impacts of an emergency. The plan establishes a process and structure for efficient, coordinated, and effective delivery of department services in times of an emergency. The plan outlines how departments will work in a collaborative manner both internally, among themselves, and externally with regional partners. The ultimate goal for the disaster recovery/business resumption plan is to become an all-hazard plan that addresses and responds in a methodical and efficient manner to natural, manmade, technological, and national security emergencies that threaten to interrupt essential services to customers.ScopeThe disaster recovery/business resumption plan is applicable to information technology, divisions, units, contractors, and personnel. This disaster recovery/business resumption plan describes the actions that will be taken to activate a viable disaster recovery/business resumption capability within 12 hours of an emergency event, and to sustain that capability for up to 30 days. The disaster recovery/business resumption plan can be activated during duty and non-duty hours, both with and without warning.The disaster recovery/business resumption plan covers all facilities, systems, vehicles, and buildings operated or maintained by information technology. The disaster recovery/business resumption plan supports the performance of essential functions from alternate locations (due to the primary facility becoming unusable, for long or short periods of time) also provides for continuity of management and decision-making at the agency, in the event that senior management or technical personnel are unavailable.Goals and ObjectivesDisaster recovery/business resumption planning is critical to Kudler Fine Foods' ability to deliver food services to its customers during and immediately after a disaster. The personnel, equipment, computers, software systems and databases that run the business are necessary for Kudler Fine Foods to carry out its mission to supply fine foods to its customers. Kudler Fine Foods is reliant on data processing services and recognizes that any substantial interruption in these services may jeopardize the satisfaction of its customers. In recognition of this peril, Kudler Fine Foods has developed a contingency plan to protect the business from disaster or other extended outage to its computer facility.Risk AssessmentAccording to, a Risk Assessment is identifying, analyzing, and weighing all the potential risks, threats, and hazards to the business's internal and external...

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