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Running head: GENERIC BENCHMARKING: KUIPER LEDAGeneric Benchmarking: Kuiper LedaGeneric Benchmarking: Kuiper LedaKuiper Leda, Inc. is an electronic components manufacturer that specializes in the production of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and sensors for the automotive industry. In addition, Kuiper Leda has recently begun to manufacture Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs). Presently, Kuiper Leda has received a sizeable order from Midland Motors, a major equipment manufacturer in the automotive industry. In order to meet this increased demand for its products; Kuiper Leda must implement strategic changes. These changes should address not only increasing production capabilities but also to ensuring that the production of its other current customer orders is completed in a timely manner. Kuiper Leda faces several issues and challenges. Each challenge that Kuiper Leda faces can be turned into an opportunity which will enable the company to grow and become a competitive force within the industry.Kuiper Leda wants to address some of the issues and compare theirs to present day organizations facing similar challenges. The key issues affecting Kuiper Leda will also be identified and contrasted against the researched organizations. The benchmarked companies include: British American Tobacco Company, Corporate Express, Daimler, Dell, H.E.Butt Grocery Company Hewlett-Packard, K-Mart, Motorola, Office Depot, Southwest Airlines, Toyota, and Wal-Mart.Domestic and Global Best Practices in Supply Chain ManagementBest practices are an important part of the supply chain. Both domestic and global practices are worth researching. Best practices can involve outsourcing, global sourcing, and design strategy. Kuiper Leda needs to benchmark other companies that use best practices to give them ideas on how to improve their own supply chain."Outsourcing is the act of moving some of a firm's internal activities and decision responsibility to outside providers" (Aquilano, Chase & Jacobs, 2006, Ch. 10). Kuiper Leda is currently using this strategy so the order for Midland Motors can be complete by outsourcing parts of it to other manufacturers while producing in house the part that benefits them the most. "Outsourcing allows a firm to focus on activities that represent its core competencies, thus, the company can create a competitive advantage while reducing cost" (Aquilano, Chase & Jacobs, 2006, Ch. 10). Kuiper Leda is hoping its steps in outsourcing will help it reach its goals.Global sourcing is at an all time high right now. Many opportunities exist around the world to find the best raw materials and cheapest labor to help minimize costs and increase the quality of products. Kuiper Leda will want to consider global sourcing as an option because it will help them reduce costs. They cannot only source their materials, but also could use global outsourcing for certain parts. Kuiper Leda will want to look at...

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2130 words - 9 pages Kuiper Leda is a manufacturing facility specializing in ECUs and entering the RFIDs market. The corporation has been successful in negotiating contracts with a large supplier. This offers Kuiper Leda a challenge of meeting the new demands, since they were currently operating with an antiquated supply chain. Kuiper Leda has been challenged by the distributor to improve their supply chain processes to ensure contract performance. "The challenge is

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3093 words - 12 pages so would provide each entity opportunities for success and increase the shareholders' wealth.This paper will attempt to educate the readers on the importance of supply chain management. This paper will identify some of the SCM practices or strategies organizations use, specifically those used by Kuiper Leda (Kuiper), the subject of the case study. Moreover, this paper will provide recommendations on how to further improve Kuiper's supply chain


2493 words - 10 pages In deciding the appropriate production of the ECUs and RFIDs, Kuiper Leda chose to outsource a portion of the ECUs to the e-business portal, which provides Kuiper Leda the lead-time necessary to fulfill the safety stock requirements. Kuiper Leda’s customers demand a delivery lead-time per order of four weeks for ECUs. Through outsourcing a portion of the ECUs, Kuiper Leda maintains the excellence in product production the customers have

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