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Kulder Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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Kulder Fine Foods - Frequent Shopper Program
Kulder Fine Foods wants to create a frequent shopper program to help their customers by rewarding them, but also wanting them to be protected by malicious entities that might want to do them harm. In developing a Frequent Shopper Program, Kudler ne Foods (hereby known as Johnson) will need to implement, and adhere, to strict policies and guidelines that will protect the patrons that shop at the establishments of Kudler. We can also use different modeling structures to find what kind of Frequent Shopper Program works best for Kudler. By contacting an outside agency, such as Management Science Associates, Inc., (MSA) we are able to look at data ...view middle of the document...

The IT security must be regarded in the highest of standards so that the data stored within our computer databanks will be protected. (Britz, 2000)
When the customers are filling out the paperwork, for their Kudler Shopper cards, they will have the option to accept, or decline, the program. The program will describe what legal steps the company plans to do in order to protect them. They can always decide whether or not to participate. We will reiterate, numerous times, that their personal information will be secured and not sold to a third party, and is only used for our marketing purposes only. By letting the customer know, up front, what information we will be sharing, why we need certain information, and how we will be using that information, will be paramount to our success with our customers. The more upfront we are with them, the more they will trust us. We will also ensure that all information, entered into our databases, will be encrypted and all data will be secure.
With all of our security in place, customers lined up, and frequent shoppers ready to go, what does this mean for our owners of the company? According to the Food Management Institute, if a retail establishment has a frequent shopper program, 90% of their customers utilize this system. (Food Management Institute, 2008) With an implementation of a program, customers get a feeling that they are getting a valued service, where we could implement automatic coupon deductions, point-reward systems, or even donations to charities. By give the impression that they are getting value, they will increase the amount of times they visit Kudler. At the same time, we gain value with every purchase they make. Each of their purchases are tracked, and entered, into a database. Within that database, we are able to start tracking what people are buying, at what time of the year they are buying, and how much they are...

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