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Kurt Donald Cobain

The subject of this writing, is on a man who changed music; a man on the level of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. This individual is Kurt Donald Cobain from the revolutionary grunge/rock band, Nirvana. While some people would never consider Cobain to hold a major role in the shaping of our music and culture today, they haven’t taken the time to look around. Many people overlook the fact that music played a huge role in the lives of Americans during the 90’s. Someday history books will probably
even make note of the influence this rocker had on the decade.

Kurt Cobain was born February 20, 1967 in a small town near Seattle, Washington. His family soon-after moved to Aberdeen, Washington. This period of his life was a difficult one because his parents divorced and he didn’t have much ambition to do much more than hanging out with his friends. Struggles with his parents caused him to move back and forth between them and to eventually move in with relatives. (The Cobain Memorial)

The location didn’t aid the struggling teen’s life as Kurt said, “Aberdeen was nothing but rednecks and guns and booze.” He eventually found jobs as janitor and a YMCA lifeguard, but that was not quite the improvement a troubled teen needed. Kurt also struggled with fitting in during his school years. He spent much of his time hanging out with girls because he couldn’t deal with the generally macho attitudes of the guys in his school. He said, “I'm a heterosexual . . . big deal. But if I was a homosexual, it
wouldn't matter either.” He ended up dropping out of high school shortly before graduation. (Kurt Cobain World)

It was around this period of time that the professional career of Kurt began to form. Although he was 14 when he got his first guitar, things really got started when he met a bass player by the name of Krist Novoselic. The two jumped in and out of bands and eventually went on to form Nirvana. Even before Kurt found Krist, he tried out for the band The Melvins, but was unsuccessful. Interestingly enough, The Melvins were a big inspiration to all members of the later formed Nirvana. (Kurt Cobain Page)

Nirvana was first created in 1986, but didn’t reach its final form until 1988. They went through a variety of drummers until they stumbled upon Dave Grohl, an Ohio native. They played the local scene until 1989 when they were able to record their first CD, “Bleach” on the tiny Sub-Pop Records. The real flood and change of music came when they released the 1991 smash success “Nevermind” on Geffen Records. With the powerful opening song/single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Nirvana and Kurt were able to take the nation by storm. (The Kurt Cobain Memorial)

The energy and rebellion caught everyone’s attention and has since sold over 10 million copies making it one of the most successful albums ever. The album made the band instant millionaires. The public frenzy and grueling tours that ensued led to...

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