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Kyle Cooper Essay

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Kyle Cooper is an American film title designer how is responsible for creating some of the most invitational and evocative title sequences. Designing title sequences for film and television with a unique style and ability to invoke an emotional response through his imagery and use of narrative. He is often compared to Saul Bass and his Typography approach to titles sequences, In the title’s for Saul Bass Psycho, he get across the nature of his main character with slicing up uneven Type and shapes moving vertical and horizontal causes a sense of unease and discomfort. The use of Typographic method acting, to animate the words shows the emotional effect of type and how it can reflect the film. ...view middle of the document...

Witch slowly dissolves to the director Mike Newell film. At this point we are introduced to fade-in close up shot of a man’s eyes staring down. This image is so still that it’s unclear if we’re looking at a photograph or a moving sequence. Shot in gray scale and with the use of low-key lighting, it directs the audience attention to look into his eyes. There is a sense of mystery in this image. You get a strong presents of emotion in his eyes. Just slightly over his wright eye we see the name Al Pacino and the followed by Johnny Depp. This placing of type draws the audience deeper into his eyes. As the name Donnie Brasco appears the still image is borate to live as he looks up. This is a striking image of his eyes and with the change of music to a string violin piece composed by Patrick Doyle. theirs is a Sentimental tone. A mixture of soft dissolve and overlaid image of neon lights, symbolizing a busy city, hinting at where the film is set. On close-ups of 35mm contact sheets, images of what appear to be mobsters gathering together as a passing car stops and a man gets out. It is as if we are looking at surveillance photographs. This montage of photographs edited in suck a way it almost makes them come to life. The men are outside in big trench and leather coats smoking cigars. This sets the time and genre of the film. Title credits now start to drift up over the top of the images and fade-out. The way the credits and with the montage of images all overlayed on the video footage to create one image. Gives the audience the illusion of three-dimensionality. As if we are watching a clip from the film although they are still images. The images that follow made up of film photographic strip. The quick Rearrangement of these images gives the sequence meaning and tone. The image of Donnie eyes is...

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