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Nationalism is great for a country ("Nationalism”). It provides a confidence and sense of togetherness that ever country should have. Nationalism is defined as having patriotic feelings toward their country (“Nationalism). People are able to show their love for their country by reciting their national anthems, pledge of allegiance, and spreading positive thoughts of their country ("Nationalism”). There are extreme nationalists as well, which can cause serious problems ("Nationalism). Sometimes nationalists take their pride to far and it turns into an evil downwards spiral. Take Adolf Hitler for example, he ended up killing six million Jews and was at the center of the foundation of Nazism. ...view middle of the document...

This goes to show how even just being an average nationalist can jeopardize your safety. A man named Ferdinand Rudolf Hassler moved from his home Switzerland to the United States in 1805 (Nelson). Hassler was a brilliant scientist that made many new and helpful contributions to the United States (Nelson). He received back lash for his US nationalism from Switzerland (Nelson). Switzerland did not understand why Hassler would have such a strong sense of pride towards the US, but not towards his own country (Nelson). The Ukrainians and Hassler both were victims of being harassed unrightfully because of their nationalism beliefs by people who go to extreme measures to hurt nationalists.
Some people, such as Hitler, take nationalism too far and end up hurting the reputation of their country. Hitler was not a sane individual, but he still held Germany’s reputation in his hands. Adolf Hitler was behind horrendous events and ideas such as the massacre of millions of innocents, World War II, and Nazism ("Lay”). When millions of Jews are slaughtered for no reason at all and the leader of a country is in charge of it, the country is not going to gain a positive outlook from the world. World War II resulted in the death of around fifty million people. These events that Hitler was the instigator of he thought would improve Germany and make the country more powerful (“Lay”). His plan back fired because although he may have held power over others, people became hateful towards Germany (“Lay”). During World War II America had about 416,800 casualties, and knowing that the war began because of Hitler did not result in a positive outlook on Germany from the United States(“Lay”). It caused the United States to feel anger towards not only Hitler but really on all of Germany. These feelings were not just from the United States either, many minorities and countries had the same feelings. Hitler’s extreme “nationalist” actions caused a negative outlook on his own country.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, when a country has no national pride, other countries have no pride for them either ("Nationalism”). To encourage national pride in Canada, kids were tested on how well they could sing the anthem (Kennedy). They were tested on the melody and song lyrics accuracy (Kennedy). Canada was interested to see how many secondary...

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