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L’oreal Essay

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Strategy analysis focuses on the long-term objective generating alternative strategies, and selecting strategies to pursue. The firm’s present strategies, objectives and mission, couple with the external and internal audit information, provide a basis for generating and evaluating feasible alternative strategies (David 200).

L’Oreal has numerous competitors. To have an advantage on competition, L’Oreal has to apply some strategies that include internal audit information and external opportunities that will make the company stronger. They will also prevent competitors to have an advantage over L’Oreal.
This report will be based upon the effectiveness of current strategies of L’Oreal, a real global leader in every segment of the industry.


L’Oreal encounters threats and opportunities and they have weaknesses and strengths. It is known as the TOWS matrix. It is an important matching tool that helps managers develop four types of strategies: SO Strategies, WO Strategies, ST Strategies and WT Strategies. The external opportunities and threats were identified earlier (see part 1) by developing the “External Factor Evaluation Matrix” and “Competitive Profile Matrix” is important for the current strategies development. L’Oreal internal strengths and weaknesses will be discussed further in this report.

SO Strategies

SO Strategies uses the internal strengths to take advantage of external opportunities of a firm. L’Oreal has always taken these advantages with their new innovations and global expansion. The company is reaching out to more people across a bigger range of income and cultures than just about any other beauty-products company in the world. L’Oreal strategy positions it beautifully to profit even further when the middle class begins to grow stronger in emerging markets. That makes L’Oreal competitors more hustling to catch up.

WO Strategies

WO strategies aim at improving internal weaknesses by taking advantage of external opportunities. Laws and governmental regulations require companies such as L’Oreal to maintain certain standard in quality and responsibility for their product. Rules may vary depending on the country. L’Oreal also have it own set of regulations that are very strict on quality. Whatever product is put on the market, one can be sure that it has gone through a very thorough and scientific series of tests. Those tests are usually even more severe than any regulation, so that the company is assured of the quality of the product.

ST Strategies

ST strategies use a firm’s strengths to avoid or reduce the impact of external threats.
L’Oreal has made strategic acquisitions that strengthen its position in different categories. By doing so, they have taken hold as a leading position that other companies have trouble matching. As an example, L’Oreal can now offer product to Black consumers, because it has acquired “Carson Inc” that specialize in cosmetic products for black...

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