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Lab: Exploring Organelle Function Essay

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ABSTRACT:An enzyme is a protein which functions as an organic catalyst, which allows a particular reaction to occur without using itself up in the process. Without enzymes, most reactions in a cell would not occur. Enzymes function best in an acidic environment as do catalase, however the correct concentration of an acidic solution is needed to ensure the most efficient reaction. Placing a catalase enzyme into a solution which is slightly acidic (less than pH 7) produces the best catalytic reaction including foaming and bubbling. There are many different types of enzymes, and all of which operate at peak efficiency in concentrations of acids and/or bases (different pH levels). Some enzymes, like the ones contained in blood cells work best in a neutral environment ( pH 7), but others such as stomach enzymes would work best in a very acidic environment ( pH 1-2). Each enzyme is designed to function best in a certain environment and this is evident through this experiment.INTRODUCTION:An enzyme is a protein which functions as an organic catalyst, which allows a particular reaction to occur without using itself up in the process. Without enzymes, most reactions would not occur. The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the effect of pH on the efficiency of the catalase enzyme found in potato peroxisomes. I hypothesize that the catalase enzyme of a potato will function the best at the same pH as the material is came from(pH 7, neutral).Null: The enzyme will not work in a solution with a pH which is less than 7 or greater than 7 because it is not adapted to that environment.MATERIALS:60 mL 3% hydrogen peroxide0.5 mol/L hydrochloric solutionpotatopH probe/indicator paperPROCEDURE:Refer to McGraw- Hill Ryerson Biology 11 p.61CONCLUSION:As shown by the observations, the enzymes functioned the best in the middle strength acid. In the first cylinder, the one with the highest concentration of acid, the reaction that occurred was not very impressive. The reaction in the third cylinder, with a neutral pH level was a greater reaction than that of the first but the second cylinder, only slightly acidic had the greatest overall...

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