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Lab Report: Concentration Of Sucrose Affect On Osmosis

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To investigate how the concentration of sucrose affects osmosis in plants.


I will be investigating how the concentration of sucrose affects osmosis in plants.
The variables I could change would be the temperature of the solution. The higher the temperature of the solution the more osmosis would occur. The surface area of the potato strip, the larger the surface area the more osmosis would occur as there would be more area exposed for osmosis to take place. The concentration of the solution will affect osmosis, the higher the concentration the less osmosis would take place. The duration of the experiment also affects how much water is gained/lost by osmosis as the longer the duration is, the more osmosis would take place (osmosis would stop as soon as it reaches an equilibrium of water content inside and outside the cell.

I will only change the concentration of the solution as my aim is to find out how the concentration of sucrose solution affects osmosis.

To make it a fair test I will test each concentration three times and use the average. My tests will be accurate as I will be using a very accurate scale and precise syringes. To make my experiment accurate I will be using distilled water to make my sucrose solutions so there are no impurities that may affect my experiment and I will also measure my results to two decimal places. To make my experiment safe I will use goggles.

Scientific Knowledge

Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane from a region of high water concentration to a region of low water concentration. Osmosis is used to transfer water between different parts of plants. Osmosis is vitally important to plants. Plants gain water by osmosis through their roots, and it is osmosis that moves water into plant cells, making them turgid or stiff, and thus able to hold the plant upright.

The temperature affects osmosis, the warmer it is, the more osmosis will take place but if it is too hot it will have the reverse effect and the plant will loose water through osmosis. The surface area also affects osmosis as the larger the surface area the faster the plant can diffuse water into its cell.
(from Biology-New Edition by Jean Martin)

The concentration of the solution the potato strips will be put in affects the rate of osmosis as if the solution is sugar rich, it will have less water content. The lower the water content the water would be absorbed by osmosis. When there is more water content in the cell than in the solution the cell would loose water through osmosis. I will be using plant cells to observe osmosis as if I was to use animal cells, they would burst as when they absorb water as they don?t have a cell wall.
Preliminary Work

To see if the concentration of sucrose affected the rate of osmosis I did a preliminary test of 0% sucrose and 20% sucrose.

% sucrose concentration Mass of potato strip before (g) Mass of...

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