Stereotype ("My Body Is My Own Business" Naheed Mustafa)

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Stereotypes are the defining and labeling a specific group of people. All of us have a range of images of people, places, or things which are unique to our personal outlook, but these are of interest our mentalities which appear in our instant. Impacts of stereotyping in our multicultural groups are serious; it will mislead our ability of judgment. In "My Body Is My Own Business" Naheed Mustafa discusses her reasons of wearing the "Hijab", although she is not required to wear one, she does so anyway to strengthen herself. Stereotyping is a method to labeling people, but it will confuse us and we will unable to observe the truth of people in characteristics, ability and personality.The characteristics with the race and religion of a person will not picture their identity. All Asian look and think alike, all Catholics care for the religion more than their country and all Germans are Nazis and war makers. We always analysis people and attach the result with stereotypes from cultural aspect rather than from our own experience with the groups. "I often wonder whether people see me as a radical, fundamental Muslin terrorist packing an Ak-47 assault rifle inside my jean jacket." (Mustafa, 508) As we can see, culture and religion are major cause of stereotypes. Identify others outlook and dressing, consideration with the idea of terriosts and cold blooded with life sacrifice will appear. We're educated to be smart and clever in this multicultural society, but we can't stop the stereotyping because we are living in it.Everyone is born will equal strength, the diversity of our abilities will be determine by our effort. Stereotyping is a natural function of a human which we often use to value one another....

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