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Labour Force Survey Essay

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The Canadian Labour Force Survey was developed following the Second World War to meet the need for reliable data on the labour force. With women making up a greater percentage of the labour force, and the growing population, the labour force survey was used to gather information to predict future market trends. The labour force consists of the number of people aged 15 and over who are employed and those who are unemployed (but are actively seeking work). Individuals who do not fall into these categories, such as retired workers and those who are voluntarily unemployed, are not calculated into the labour force. Labour force statistics are important measures of a country's economic potential. The larger the percentage of the population that enters the work force, the larger the potential output will be for that country. Labour Force Survey results are used to produce information on the employment rate, unemployment rate and participation rate.In Canada the Labour Force Survey, or LFS, is conducted by the government agency called Statistics Canada. Data is collected each month during what is called the LFS reference week, beginning on the 15th of the month. LFS interviews are conducted either over the phone or in person by a Stats Canada interviewer. Interviewers begin by gathering socio-demographic information from each member of the household; then they gather labour force information from all members 15 years of age or older who are not members of the Canadian armed forces or permanently institutionalized; Also excluded from the survey are residents of the Canada's north, including Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, as well as residents of Indian reserves, due to difficulty of gathering the information from such residents (accounting for 2 percent of the total population). Each household will participate in the LFS for a six-month period, after which another household will move in and take their place. Information collected during the LFS is used to make estimates for each industry, Canada, the provinces, the territories and sub-provincial regions. This information is used to calculate estimates for employees, wage rates, union status, job permanency and workplace size. The main categories of data collected include employment and unemployment, hours of work and work arrangement, industries, labour, occupations, unionization, industrial relations, wages, salaries and other earnings.The Labour Force participation rate refers to percentage of the population that is either currently employed or is actively seeking employment. It is calculated by taking the total labour force and dividing it by the total population.Since the end of the Second World War, there have been significant changes in labour force participation. During the conflict when many young men were overseas fighting in combat, there wasn't enough labour to fill all the positions that had been left vacant. This was when women first began to really...

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