Lack Of Appreciation For Victor Hugo Today

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Victor Hugo: A Dude Who Wrote Books

Who was the most important writer of France in the nineteenth century? Who was the leader of the Romantic Movement, a playwright, a poet, and the author of novels among the most incredible in existence, such as Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame? None other than Victor Hugo, who was also a political thinker, a painter and an architect. When asked whom Victor Hugo is, most people would probably ask, “Who’s that?” or respond by saying, “A dude who wrote books.” It is quite unfortunate that one of the most talented authors has become so lost in our modern world. Perhaps awareness can be spread and the ideas in his works can be considered by our modern society.
Victor Hugo contributed to society through words. His many works, including The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Misérables address the problems of society and human nature. By pinpointing these issues, he spread awareness and helped to eliminate some ignorance in the minds of the people around the world. Also, although the French king disapproved his beliefs about the government, he still pursued his ideas and spread them. ”A few days later, when he asked for his Government pension to be discontinued, he was marking the transferal of the artist’s allegiance from the traditional patron, the King, to a more volatile but potentially a more lucrative sponsor, the people. ” (Robb, 178) He decided to make his writing appeal to the people instead of the government. As a response, Hugo and his family were exiled and many of his novels were banned. However, his novels and ideas continued to spread regardless of the bans. One of his greatest contributions was, however, was the spread of Romanticism. This literary movement was extremely important because it encouraged writers to write about whatever they wanted instead of being limited to staying within the rules set by the government.
Many things in Victor Hugo’s life influenced his writing. His mother was a very intelligent and educated woman. She pushed for him to learn multiple languages and to write. His father was one of Napoleon’s top generals of the Napoleonic Army. Therefore, he could afford to support Victor’s education and pay for the best schools he could go to. While Victor’s mother was Royalist, his father supported Napoleon’s rule. The conflicting political views of his parents caused a very unhappy marriage in which the parents fought over the children in order to pass on their views. When Hugo was younger and he spent more time with his mother, he was leaning more towards being Royalist. However, when his father ‘kidnapped’ him from his mother, Hugo gained the title of ‘Baron’ and became a supporter of Napoleon. Victor Hugo was also influenced by some of his teachers. Some, recognizing his literary talent, especially in poetry, encouraged him to keep writing. This helped to change Victor’s opinion on his poetry writing from negative to positive. “His daily...

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