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Lack Of Attachment And Sociopathic Behavior

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What behaviors or environmental factors cause the difference between severe childhood development problems and mild cases? A child is born to have connection with the environment he or she is living in. An infant is capable of learning how to connect with other people in variety of ways. One of the ways is to get attach and have connection with its caregiver: mother, father, and or grandparents, to learn how to have empathy for the people around him or her. A child, who did not see any empathy in the first early years of childhood, (the first two years of life), he or she will be sociopathic. A sociopathic, also called psychopathy is defined in lack of empathy and connection between a caregiver, mother, and the child. However, many children with sociopathic behavior can be harmful. They will not command suicide, but their lack of empathy would make them to be a “cold blooded” person throughout its adulthood and would cause an unpleasant behavior. Sociopathic behavior can be harmful for the people around the person, who is a sociopath. The person will not show love or any emotional behavior throughout his or her life, because he or she did not see nor had connection of love and empathy in its early life.
One of the examples of a sociopathic behavior and lack of attachment is the case of seventeen years old boy, Ryan. He had everything that a teenage boy would want to have, “he grew up in a stable two-parent home” (Perry, 121); but he did not have the one important thing in his life, empathy. His parents were rich and they provide him with money; but they never provide him with love. When Ryan was born, his mother wanted to create a good life for him. Since she did not have time to take care of him, she hired a nanny for her baby. “Day and night, baby Ryan was cared for by the nanny” (Perry, 125). But Ryan’s mother was not happy; because her own baby would not want his mother and saw her as a stranger. “When Ryan was just eight weeks old, Amanda had noticed that he was far more affectionate with and responsive to his nanny than he was with her. His eyes brightened with joy […] she was the one he smiled at” (Perry 124). Ryan would not recognize his mother; he could not get the familiar smell that would comfort him. He has his nanny as his caregiver, “mother”. He got attach to a person who he started to recognize her smell, her smile from the day this brain was learning what comfort is when someone familiar is near him.
One of analyzes that Aninsworth and Bell did in 1970, is called Strange Situation Classification (SSC), which showed how an infant...

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