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Lack Of Compensation Essay

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The human resource structure in this company is lack of compensation and benefits. Based on the case study, we can clearly see that the employer did not provide reasonable amount of compensation that has made the employee to take such actions for the downfall of the company. Many employees feel dissatisfied with their jobs at one point or another. Some employees leave their jobs for better opportunities, while others choose to stay. Employees with low job satisfaction can negatively affect a company because they typically lack motivation, perform poorly and possess negative attitudes ...view middle of the document...

Employees who brought to an upper level in an organization and receive appreciations like promotions and performance appraisals tend to reflect their position and responsibility (Johnson, 2010). They usually become very committed to the company for the long term. Lu Yueting from Tianyang Food actually felt demotivated and convicted this crime because his needs as an employee were abandoned by the employer.
We can be sure that as salaries increase, job satisfaction increases. This is because employees enjoys “higher standard of living” and feels satisfied about the time they invest in work. The lower the salary or other compensation for employment, the lower the job satisfaction (Johnson, 2010). Moreover, jobs which are provided with higher salaries seem to be more “rewarding and fulfilling”. High-pay jobs usually given more respect within the workplace.
The management team in every company should always play an important role within an organization. Managers especially are responsible for...

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