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Ignorance We rose with the sun; I inhaled the crisp mountain air with the slight smell of coffee my grandpa started brewing. I slipped on my boots and stood up, stretching with a deep yawn, feeling the sun warm my body. I was well rested and I knew this would be a good day for a hike. Over coffee, we decided to take a long hike to the ridgeline and have lunch overlooking the valleys below. Round trip, our hike would take over half a day so we grabbed our packs and started to head out. From our first step the hike had great promise. There were no other campers around us so we figured we would not run into anyone on the trail. We had been spotting wildlife in a great abundance. With our binoculars we would sight in on different birds and try to identify them. My grandpa knows a great deal on this subject and he was teaching me to identify various plants, trees and wildlife. I was struggling because everywhere we looked we would see another different bird or plant so I was losing track trying to classify all of the different wildlife. As I looked to the trees in the direction of a chirping bird, I realized the sun was high above the ridges, so I suggested we stop for lunch. I spotted a large rock outcropping at the top of the ridge that looked like a great place to rest for lunch and enjoy the view.We began our ascent to the rock and about halfway to our destination we both stopped because we heard a rustling in the sticks. I followed my grandpa as he started to walk in the direction of the disturbance. As we got closer to the noise, I saw a small deer nudging at another larger deer that was lying limp on the ground. We crept up and saw a doe lying on her side; the fawn was prodding at its mother in what...

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Ignorance of Despair Essay

1350 words - 6 pages being, as well as the despair that accompanies it, are inescapable. Despair is present even if a person is unaware of it and it is for this reason that Kierkegaard tells us that ignorance of despair can be the lowest form of it. It is worse than being aware of the despair because, “the fact that the despairer is ignorant of his state as being one of despair is nothing to the point, he is in despair just the same. If despair is distraction, then not

Knowledge Vs. Ignorance Essay

834 words - 3 pages memoir, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, truly portrays that through one’s determination and the aid of a kind Providence, knowledge becomes a superpower against the weapon of ignorance as it serves as a crossroad between the appalling chains of slavery and the “silver trump of freedom” in a prejudiced, Pre-Civil War society. Not only does Frederick Douglass believe that the pathway from slavery to freedom would be achieved through

Ignorance is strength

838 words - 3 pages just three words: "Ignorance is strength." The people who knew the least and questioned nothing were the model citizens of Oceania, and managed to escape vaporization or torture. Winston Smith did question the Party, however, and although he thought he had escaped the dominating control of the fictitious Big Brother, he was still under their grasp. A strong example in 1984 of a case where "Ignorance is strength" was a truth was Katherine

Benefiting Off Religious Ignorance

1450 words - 6 pages “The Jewish people have no claim whatsoever to sovereignty over this holy site, which is under Islamic authority, nor over any other holy site.” -Rabbi Zonenfeld One who believed ignorance is truly bliss must have thought nothing about the future or what may occur due to their ignorance. It is bliss, for a period of time at least, because it is impossible to worry and bring stress to yourself over something you know nothing about. It is not

One Man’s Ignorance

1507 words - 6 pages fire. "'When I think of the swell time I could have without you, I go nuts. I never get no peace'" (13). Even though, Lennie is mentally handicapped George lacks the decency and common sense to withhold his vitriolic comments. Showing no regard for others feelings or emotions George has no trouble stepping all over his companion or crushing his self-esteem. Another instance of this ignorance and heartless behavior is George's temperament

Ignorance in Shakespeare's Othello

714 words - 3 pages and often questioned. When a beautiful white lady ends up with black Moor ignorance and trust plays a crucial role. Brabantio shows his disapproval of the marriage as they were both questioned about the reason why he or she would fall in love with such person. His ignorant attitude and harsh words used to describe the relationship between the two were hateful. "Of years, of country, credit, everything, to fall in love - she feared to look on

Ignorance is not Bliss

993 words - 4 pages . Public schools spend next to no time on the cultural nuances of other countries. Popular news sources are more likely to cover which celebrities have gained a bit of weight than children living in the hovels of Gaza, Palestine. After all, with very few sources of information, how can the American population understand anything, much less why a multitude of things make other cultures angry? Unfortunately, ignorance is where isolationism rests. Our

Intelligence or Advanced Ignorance

899 words - 4 pages ignorance. Technology was their base for entertainment, knowledge, and interaction, for they saw no use in real human interaction because they got all the interaction they needed from the 'families' in the parlor walls. An example of this is when Mildred completely ignores Montag when he asks her, “Does your 'family' love you, love you very much, love you with all their heart and soul, Millie?” (77). Her reply was simply, “Why'd you ask a silly

Ignorance is Bliss

1048 words - 4 pages continues to ignore prior research, even though several countries have made laws banning chemically made additives/preservatives, because of findings/research. Meanwhile, our world provides all the natural resources we need to use as substitutes for the foods we desire. Just remember, you are in control of what goes into your body not the FDA; ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power. Works Cited 11 Banned Food Ingredients Still Allowed

“Blinded by Ignorance”

1075 words - 5 pages inmates or staff and fifteen percent experienced sexual assault by inmates or staff, out of this 15 percent 34 percent were African Americans. This is an injustice to McDonald and all members of the transgender community (Grant 158). The courts must honor McDonald and her decision to no longer identify herself as a man, whether they understand this decision or not. It is because of arrogance and ignorance that this situation happened in the first

Ignorance is Fatal

1531 words - 6 pages Ignorance is Fatal The short story Usher II uses themes of irony and vengeance, as well as, classic literature to explore the consequence of blind censorship. Usher II is featured in The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury's "best known work and in many ways his finest achievement" (Mogen 82). In The Martian Chronicles, "Usher II" takes place several years after the colonization of

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2949 words - 12 pages Morning News, Former President George W. Bush suggested that he had few regrets on the Iraq war. Bush explained “I'm confident the decisions were made the right way… it’s easy to forget what life was like when the decision was made."19 Works Cited 1. Wikipedia. "Iraq War." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 22 May 2013. Web. 21 May 2013. 2. Cohen, Jeff. "Bush and Iraq: Mass Media, Mass Ignorance." Bush and Iraq: Mass Media, Mass Ignorance

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1558 words - 6 pages “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives” ~ James Madison Everyone has ignorance and it will always be present. It is a matter of how knowledge intervenes that judges the outcome. James Madison describes a similar aspect. He mentions knowledge as the power that relieves ignorance and allows people to be their own governors. In Fahrenheit

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1194 words - 5 pages A person, who is ignorant, is a person who shows lack of knowledge. Ignorance is a lethal weapon for anyone to yield, because of their lack of knowledge him/her would be blissfully unaware of the danger ahead. In Julius Caesar, ignorance presented itself many characters. Although many key characters in Julius Caesar are in their own way all sensible, they all have the inability to take in their peer opinion, which displays their own that would

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510 words - 2 pages "Ignorance is the lack of knowledge." "Bliss is complete happiness." Time and again experiences have made us realize that without the gain of knowledge we live at peace. In the story of Adam and Eve, Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge against Gods will. After eating the apple, Adam and Eve gained worldly knowledge along with the shame of having disobeyed Gods orders. If they hadn't been curious and eaten the apple, they