Lack Of Restrooms At Joy Christian High School

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The average teenager is estimated to use the restroom four to six times per day. With this being taken into consideration, it means at least two to three of those “bathroom breaks” are taken during the school day. At Joy Christian High School however, it is merely impossible for this to happen due the restroom locations, privileges, and regulations. Building central restrooms, allowing student usage of already-built restrooms or even just eliminating the “twenty minute” rule, could help and benefit the Joy Christian High School restroom predicament that has been affecting many students for years now.
Everyday at 8 a.m. students take their seat and class begins. You start to feel an odd, and somewhat uncomfortable, sensation in your lower abdomen as you try to stay focused on your work. The susceptibility continues and you realize you simply need to use the restroom. Twenty minutes go by and you have become very anxious, in need of relief. The lesson is now in full affect and there’s no way out. You know you aren’t leaving anytime soon, so you try to discount the nuisance of using the restroom as you sit patiently waiting for the teacher to signal an intermission as if it were a Broadway production. As the class period comes to an end, after what seemed like a millennium of hours, you rush to the next class and ask for permission to use the restroom. Your request is rejected because you must wait until, “Twenty minutes of class time has gone by.” You plea with the teacher but its all no use. You take your seat, as what seems like deja vu, and prepare yourself for yet another hour and a half of what just happened not long ago. At Joy Christian, the “twenty minute” policy has caused much controversy and many distressed students. If class time is eighty-five minutes long, there should be no reason for teachers not allowing five to seven minutes contributed to students using the restroom before the lesson is begun. That way, students will be more open-minded and respectful to what the teacher has to say, as well as the teacher enjoying...

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