Lack Of School Flexibility: Is This What Led To High School Dropouts?

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There are many excuses that people come up with to justify the reason that high school students drop out. Some say that it is because they could not grasp the information that was taught to them. This is not the case. Most of the high school dropout rates stem from lack of flexibility. The school system is not made to where it can fit the lives and interests of the students. All classes are curriculum-driven. There are not many real-world technical courses such as Ross Collins Technical Center in Meridian, MS. Some students have been introduced to the real world due to the fact that they have children already. On top of all of these things, exit exams stress students out to the point to ...view middle of the document...

Young mothers and fathers drop out of school in order to provide for their young and/or unborn children. They do not have time to sit in classes for eight and a half hours a day and do and hours of homework, three to four nights a week. This could be all too much to handle if one is trying to care for a child and work at the same time.
Exit exams are another factor that leads high school student to drop out. Critics say the exams drive out students and make the dropout problem worse (Greg 5). Once a child repeatedly fails at something, they eventually give up. People are beginning to fear that the No Child Left Behind education reform law will lead to an increase in dropout rates (Greg 5). These exit exams put more stress on students. Their whole high school graduation depends on these tests and when they cannot pass, they just settle for a General Education Diploma.
On the other hand, there are people that believe that year-round school will be better for students. The Advocate Editorial Board describes how shorter periods away from school could help students retain information (Year-round school par. 2). This would only keep students in their...

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