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Lack Of Sleep Essay

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On a normal school day, students in the states drag themselves out of bed and start getting ready for school. Most students almost miss the bus or miss the bus because they are still sleepy and not moving as fast as they should be. Should school start later in the morning and head into the late afternoon? The lack of sleep affects a student’s academic studies because it can lead to weight gain or even obesity, it makes them want to doze off in class, it reduces the student’s ability to think , and it also can create a depressed or anxious state of mind.
Getting the amount of sleep needed each night is the way to keep a healthy weight. Unfortunately, research is increasingly showing that ...view middle of the document...

It turns out that teens sleep less than they did as children. Declining from an average of 10 hours a night during middle school to fewer than 7.5 hours of sleep by age 16 (Sleep Deprivation). 26 percent of high school students routinely sleep less than 6.5 hours on school nights, and only 15 percent sleep 8.5 hours or more.Studies indicate that only around 8 percent of teenagers report optimal sleep and 69 percent is considered insufficient (Are Sleepy Students). Research proves that the more you age, the less amount of sleep you receive. There are other effects of losing sleep on their behavior and mood. Studies have been related to “unhealthy sleep habits” with decreased cognitive functioning.
Starting in elementary school is when children usually start to get sleep deprived. It gets worse and worse through teen years and into adulthood, but for some people it doesn’t. Considering the fact that more than ⅔ of all children are having some type of sleeping disfunction and most adolescents not acquiring the amount of rest needed each night, will have difficulties overcoming new challenges, demands, and emotions. It is not appreciated just how critical quality sleep is for brain development and how it influences daytime functioning, performance, mood and behavior. Many studies prove that school students that have C’s, D’s, and F’s got about 25 fewer minutes of sleep and went to bed 40 minutes later than students who have A’s and B’s (Feature, M. (n.d.)). Not so good sleepers are more depressed, have barely any energy, tired, tense, moody, stressed and irritable. Poor sleepers aren’t positive thinkers. They are more likely to have a negative self-image. Students with sleep issues are associated with learning disabilities such as really poor school performance. With that, they will hardly want to participate in any classroom activities or hardly have good social communication. When students are categorized as being hyperactive, it’s because their insufficient sleeping habits have been causing them to have: fatigue, inability to listen or concentrate, ADHD, dozing off, problematic behavior, lower level of socialization. Also teenage insomnia causes: anger, depression, school adjustments and stress (Feature, M. (n.d.)).
The time finals come around, students stay up later and wake up earlier to study just so they can get the grade they want. It’s very important to pass your finals, but staying up later and throwing off your sleeping schedule is a bit ridiculous. Don’t study, read, or watch t.v. laying in bed. You’ll start to feel dreary...

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