Lack Of Truthful Labeling On Commercial Foods

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Lack of regulation and labeling on commercial food is a bigger issue than any American knows. The impact it has on our long term health and wellbeing is currently unknown. But what we do know is that, putting unknown substances into our body can be deadly. We need to become more educated as a society, and only allow truthful companies to stay in business, or make existing companies change their ways. If we don’t know what something is, do not buy it.
This issue started when we became on industrial country. When food started magically having a longer shelf life and meats never changed colors. Regulations and labeling have been an issue for quite some time. Several people have tried to solve it, but the problem is as consumers we do not like to try new things or change our normal routines. Currently the government has such control over everything; the only way to solve the issue is to buy from small farms. Know your farmer on a personal level and do not contribute to the overall problem. Small farm farmers have nothing to hide, like these big corporations do. So why is the government trying to hide everything they do? Logical reasoning and common sense outweighs any amount of convenience every time.
It is cheaper to buy locally rather than commercially, is the question a lot of people have asked. In fact yes it is cheaper to buy locally, for many different reasons. Commercially farmers use a vast array of chemicals, which not only is very unhealthy for you, but cost you more money in the long run. On average farmers spend approximately $2,500 on just one pesticide treatment. (Ag Chemical Soultions Inc.) That is not including the cost for fuel, upkeep on machinery, or paying the workers.
In 1999 the American Crop Production Association did a study for the previously year. $6 billion was spent on killing weeds. Or in other words two-thirds of all our money was spent on making crops look good. Percent’s of the money are as follows, 68% Herbicides, 20% insecticides, 8% fungicides, 1% miscellaneous. (Hosansky & Texas A&M University Agricultural Center, 2013) Hosansky states, “The companies say they are already spending more than $55 million per product to meet the battery of 120 or so tests the EPA requires to set a tolerance for the chemicals.” (2013)
If I were to say, you are inadvertently harming your loved ones, how would you feel? We have no idea what we are feeding ourselves and our loved ones. Why would the government allow companies to put products in our food, which could possibly kill us, and not make them tell us about it? We have no idea what all the ingredients are, so let me give a few examples. Pyridoxine Hci is found in Red Bull energy drink, doctors use it as a drug, and it can cause sensory neuropathy (symptoms include sharp shooting pain or numbness in extremities) with axonal degeneration (tissue dieing). (Label Watch Inc., 2007) Twinkies contain calcium propionate. Studies have shown this chemical causes autism in lab rats....

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