Lacrosse Midfielder: Improving Performance, Speed, And Agility

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Lacrosse is a sport that was created by the Native Americans around the 1600s (5). The sport once known as stick ball to the Indians has evolved to a major sport across the world. Lacrosse was a sport that was a real major part of European culture before it made its way to America. It has just recently been picked up in the major ranks of colleges and even a professional level. So with the rise of this sport comes the rise of the preparatory phases to get ready for competition.
Lacrosse was once a sport played with as many as 100,000 players on in the valley at the same time. It has now decreased to ten players for men and twelve for women’s lacrosse. The positions are attackers, midfielders, and defenders. My group’s primary focus is the midfielder. The midfielder can be considered the center piece of the team. While playing both offense and defense the midfielder displays that he has to be in the better shape than his teammates. He also has a key role in the most important part of the game “Transitioning” (2). That stage requires a lot of clearing the ball and saving a lot of loose balls which is why the midfielder needs to be explosive and in shape.
The midfielder should have great anticipation skills and doesn’t have to be a good scorer just reliable in transition. He is also responsible in keeping his team onside. The sport of lacrosse demands the midfielder to be in great shape and have great hand eye coordination. It involves a lot of sprinting and change of direction. This sport uses a lot of the anaerobic and ATP energy systems. According to Peter Koeniges , “When classifying the sports, the ratio for lacrosse athletes is approximately 60% Aerobic/ATP, 20% Aerobic” (1). This sport includes all the muscle. The quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings are a very vital part of the game of lacrosse. The shoulders, biceps, triceps, pectorals and litmus dorsi are muscles under estimated in the sport.
Our goals for the midfielder are to improve endurance and enhance lactic tolerance. We also aim to improve the athlete’s lateral quickness and anticipatory skills, and build the players body to maintain during the physical beating of the season. Most importantly our goal is to improve his performance, speed, agility, and quickness.
This group will start the testing by attaining the medical records of the player to see if he is physically and physiologically capable to perform such strenuous activities. After that information is attained we will start by testing the player’s endurance with a two mile run and monitor the times, heart rate, Vo2 max, and try to evaluate the lactic threshold. Thereafter in the following days, we will attain the midfielder’s 1RM in all multiple joint lifts giving us a baseline for our percentages.
• Warm-Up
Everyday we will start our work out with the warm up, which will consist of the following:
• 4 20 yard sprints at 60 to 65% effort (if in gym high knees for a minute).
• 4 10 yard walking knee hugs
• 6...

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