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Ladder Of Growing Up Essay

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Ladder of Growing UpSometime in 1974 when Christmas is approaching, accordingly my parents told me that they happened to meet at a certain canteen in Green Hills San Juan, Rizal and came to know each other while they were still studying in College.Later after one year they came to be engaged with each other. Knowing more each family background, and accepted by both.After my father had graduated his course in Manila, they decided with both parental consents to get married. They went home to Batanes to receive their matrimonial blessings at the Miraculous Medal of Virgin Mary at Itbud, Uyugan, Batanes.My maternal grandparents, originally an indigenous of Guimaras Islands in Iloilo joined the Magsaysays' Settlers on the year 1953 and moved together with their first four children to Bukidnon, there my mother was born a year later and was followed by her two other siblings. She was named "Nelda" where my name sprang.She belonged to the honor students in their school in her elementary days but suddenly loses her hope to continue her studies when her mother died but was still able to finish her primary and secondary education. During her struggle for survival to overcome helplessness, she decided to travel to find her eldest brother, Rudy, in Manila. With her pursuit to finish her college studies she applied as a helper in a canteen at San Juan, Rizal where her life started to twist to spousal relationship after meeting my father.In their continuous companionship, they were blessed with three children, all girls, namely Cheryl, Richel, and Louelle. In spite of the difficulties of bringing up my sisters, still they never quit seeking a better employment qualification by achieving a higher educational attainment. After all their hardships, they reaped the toils of their labor by earning various college degree courses and graduated the course of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accounting at Saint Dominic College, Basco, Batanes, sometime in 1990.For better living, they were both employed on level 2 rank and file positions accompanied with farming and fishing. Currently, my mother is employed to the now Provincial Agriculturists Office as HRMO-II, and my father has just retired from the Batanes District Engineering Office-DPWH. Their employment helped so much as the source to persevere in racing their first three children until they finished college.Sixteen years later, they were blessed with another baby girl whom my father named Dandy. Dandy means according to him is an affectionate cuddly sweet child who loves to dress up. After few weeks, they brought their child to receive the sacrament of baptism at Saint Dominic Paris Chapel. The child received her baptismal feminine name Dandelle which I am now carrying on.Recalling my memory, at the young age, I still remember attending my third sister's prom wearing a lovely Filipiniana dress and took pictures with her while sitting on her lap.They enrolled me at Brgy. Kayvaluganan Daycare Center under...

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