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Women In Music Entertainment Essay

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Women in Music Entertainment

There are so many talented female artists in music today that it's hard not to think of some right off the top of my head. Not only do they have great voices, but they're successful and confident, not to mention pretty darn rich! Some of these artists knew that they were going to become a star while they were still in diapers. The two females that I will be highlighting are two of the younger musical talents that are out in the industry at this time. They both worked hard to get to where they are today by starting off with many of the same dreams and aspirations many of us women share. These women have contributed so much at such a young age that it's almost hard to believe. Music is such a strong influence to many people today. It's especially nice when you can relate to the message that the singer is trying to provide. Sometimes it's almost as if the person is singing about your life or a situation that you are also going through. Music can heal, it can bring joy, pain, forgiveness, and realization to many of the problems we face today as women, or just as people.

The first talented musician that I would like to talk about is a beautiful young woman who is pretty new on the scene, Miss Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys, who is biracial, grew up in Manhattan, New York, with her ultra-supportive mother, who put Alicia through piano lessons at the age of five. She studied classical music, and grew up to collaborate it with a jazz/hip-hop/R&B soul kind of sound. Not only can this girl sing and play the piano, she also writes her own music.

Highly sought after by different record labels, Alicia Keys was signed to Arista Records in 1998. There, she continued the process of writing songs, producing and recording the debut album she'd been preparing for since the age of 14. Not only was she doing all of this at the young age of 17, but Alicia also managed to graduate out of her high school a year early, and as the schools prized valedictorian. In late 1999, Alicia followed the renowned Clive Davis to his new company J Records, where she continued to show signs of success. Now, at the age of 20 in the year 2001, releasing her Debut CD “Songs in A Minor,” Alicia Keys is still rising. Her CD has already gone triple platinum, (the first number 1 album for her new label). She has also won the 2001 Best New Artist MTV video music award. Her music is incredible, with well-written and very wise lyrics. Her sound is very unique and different from many of the artists out there right now.

Her new single out at this moment is called "A Woman's Worth," and ladies, I recommend you listen to it. Do not let that significant other take advantage of you. It's basically telling all the men out there to treat their woman with respect. She sings lines like "You will lose if you choose to refuse to put her first, she will, and she can find a man who knows her worth."...

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