Women In Titus Andronics Essay

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It is known that throughout history, women had almost no rights in virtually every culture and society. Women were treated more as property than as people. They had no say, no rights, and no freedom. Personal property was given more value than women. In fact, that is how women were treated, as personal property. Titus Andronicus is a Shakespearean work where the negative treatment of women is clearly seen.We see the first example in Tamora. Titus is away at war for ten years and returns with only four out of his twenty-five sons. Before returning home, they captured Tamora, Queen of the Goths, her three sons, and Aaron the Moor. To abide by Roman rituals, Titus sacrificed Tamora's oldest son for the death of his own.In that portion of the play, Titus and his army had already defeated the Goths, but to add insult to injury, he captures someone who most likely was not even physically involved, their queen. I believe that Tamora was Titus' trophy. He wanted to bring something tangible home to show his conquest and his greatness. The Queen of the Goths proved to be the best trophy for Titus to bring home and show to his people.Tamora is then shown no sympathy at all by Titus. She is already being held captive and Titus shows total disregard for her by sacrificing one of her sons. Because of Titus' actions, Tamora holds a never-ending hatred for Titus. Throughout the story, she schemes against Titus. She frames two of Titus' sons, who are later beheaded, and she has her two sons rape Titus' daughter Lavinia. At the end of the story, Titus tricks Tamora, kills her two sons, makes a pie out of them, and feeds the pie to her. Titus then ends by killing Tamora and his own daughter...

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