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Women Way Of Life Throuout Time

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Ever since the existence of the two inseparable forces, the weaker has been dominated for centuries. The dominant force has always controlled the rights and responsibility of the weaker. It has been shown innumerous times with bullying of children at school, white Europeans exploiting indigenous Africans as slaves, and men treating women as inferior subjects or material goods. But several societies across the world have changed their beliefs of the weaker by striding towards equality. Men have always believed that women should be subjugated to menial tasks of domestic service. This thought has slowly faded away and has created societies that treat each person with equal amounts of respect without the feeling of one being dominant. Throughout history, women have been treated unfairly and were seen as subjects who should "acknowledge [their] own inferiority" (Doc. 1). Within different societies, the role of women has transformed from domestic labor and care to one of which they are capable of performing or, in other words, they are able to do anything that they want to do. This in effect has impacted the political structures of society to have equality between male and females.During the beginnings of the Chinese empire, the Han Dynasty existed as a superior political structure. The Han Dynasty earliest beliefs came from their wise scholars and advisors. Although early civilization mainly consisted of agriculture and domestic work, women were looked up to follow the standards set upon them. Women were expected to "endure all humiliations and insults" (Doc 1) and "never speak of [their] own goodness". By following these rules, they would not be able to rise up and strike against the government for the fear of being punished and lowering of their family's reputation. As the Han Dynasty disintegrated, the eventual rise of a new government was in effect. With the new government, political changes had to be done. In the China Youth News, an excerpt stated how "In the...

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