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According to the Holy writing a woman was created by God from the rib of Adam. May be because of this fact the role of women through centuries was subordinate.Let's have a glance throughout the history of the world and see the process of evolution of women.Living in caves people distributed their duties and those of a woman were to keep the fire burning, to cook food, to give birth to children. As you can see the duties of a woman seem to be eternal. Nowadays a lot of women are occupied with household chores with almost the same duties. But labor-saving devices in the home and ideas of women liberation have changed the women's view to their life and duties to a great extent.But the situation isn't the same in all countries. In developing countries, for instance, women are not regarded the same as men. They have to face many taboos and in some countries they have to wear dark clothes. But in developing countries the role of women is in many cases the same as men's.But what made women's role in society change?It's known, that it began to change with the advent of the industrial revolution and women got the right to work alongside with men and to be paid for their work, although their work costs cheaper. Nevertheless, their earning power gave them a certain amount of independence.During periods of war, when majority of men went to the front, women took their places and did work on farms and factories and did it well.Until 1946 of the XX th century it was unusual for women to be in a senior position in business, low, government service. In the civil services women had to resign if they got married, but in the course of time the low acknowledged that women should be treated the same way as men.There is a sense in which the developments of right of women freed men from the rigid stereotypes, imposed on them by old attitudes; they began to feel able to express their emotions quite openly and behave differently, for example, as many women work today they think it's unfair for men to pay for everything when they go out. Some women also consider that if a man pays for them they feel like they owe to him something.In the USA, for example, women seems to be extremely independent, but fortunately, there is a certain revival family values which describe a family as a unit of society implying the idea that a woman stays at home, cooks dinner, takes care of her husband and children. I mean to say that the cult of the family seems to be coming back. And it's good because both working parents especially mother - a business woman - was one of the main problems and crises in the family. The cult of domesticity emerged to the XXth century as a big part of the ideology of family life in the American society.One of the major consequences was the instance that women confine their main activities to the domestic sphere. Only over the past decade half of these values have been criticized and partly rejected.As I've already said, the role of women in different countries...

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