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Women's Fashion And Cosmetics Essay

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The fashion industry makes up a large part of our economy. Tenbillion dollars a year is spent on cosmetics and skin-care productsalone. Some may think that these fashions and products help raisethe self-esteem of women and make them more successful. However,success is not based on appearance. We are judged by our hard workand achievements. Women's fashion and cosmetics serve to imprisonwomen rather than liberate them. Make-up is money and timeconsuming, billboard images send out false portraits and high-fashionfootwear is costly health wise and economically.A considerable amount of time is spent on make-up and styling hair.It takes at least fifteen minutes to put on the make-up in themorning and it takes ten minutes to take it off at night and if themake-up isn't removed, it will clog pores and cause acne. This timecould be used more productively by perhaps eating a healthierbreakfast, exercising or getting to school earlier to prepare forclasses. Liane Faulder of the Edmonton Journal says, 'Part of theproblem with worrying about how you look is that it drains you oftime, money and energy which you could use for other things. Likepursing a career, reproductive rights, or equal pay for work of equalvalue. Or maybe just having fun.' It is also money consuming. Make-up and hair products are expensive. The money used to buy cosmeticsand hair styling products could be spent for more important things.If one has that much money to give away, why not save it for acollege education or donate it to a charitable organization? Thetime and money spent on cosmetics and hair commodities imprisonswomen by preventing them from doing more constructive things.Next, billboard images of waif models cause thousands of women todiet to the point of anorexia. People see beautiful models on T.V.,magazines and newspapers. These gorgeous models have big breasts,small waists, long legs and lashes. Women think...

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