Women's Psychology; Striving For A Fair Work Environment.

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Women's Psychology; Striving for a Fair Work EnvironmentAfter reading about the role women have played in psychology in our text, Introduction to Psychology, I really felt fortunate for the near-equality found between men and women in contemporary society. It personally touched me to read about the adversity females in that field faced, not all that many years ago. I am currently in the process of applying to several universities, with the intention of transferring and studying psychology this coming fall semester. Just over 100 years ago, a female being admitted to a university to study psychology would have been almost unheard of. After that, even being awarded a Ph.D. in psychology was uncommon for women, and finding work was difficult as well. It has only been as recently as 25 years ago that real progress started being made for women working and studying in this field. However, the unjust discrimination that women faced years ago still lingers to a degree in the modern workplace! Male psychologists fill more full-time positions than females, even though fewer of them earn Ph.D.s. Also, you generally find that males consume the roles of editor for psychology journals more often than females who are just as qualified. Most incredulously, men earn a higher salary than women in the same field, doing the same job! This is something that I feel will change with time, and probably in the near future. Women have learned that progress can be made with good leadership, patience, hard work and time, and I don't think that we will give up until this fight is completely won!Another group that has had to fight just as hard as women to find equality in predominately white-male-in-power US societies has been the minority group. Reading the previous section, "Women in Psychology", encouraged me...

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