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Women Throughout The Years Essay

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American men are not the only ones who went through changes throughout the centuries. American women also went through various things throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. These women, young and old, black and white, went from stay at home moms, and slaves with no say, no rights, to women with rights, equality, and most importantly jobs. Although the African American women and the white women were thought of very differently, both groups went through a lot of various and vast changes. It was not always easy or very pleasant but it was worth it because the women from yesterday set the new bar for women today.
“Between 1870 and 1920, the number of women in the work forces more than doubled.” (pg. 500) Many contributions had led to this. The woman of America had various jobs during the period. Such jobs these ladies had were being care takers, servants, textile workers, and social workers. Many women however took a turn in the century and began taking control of college. With this came greater opportunities because “there were nearly 1,000 women social workers in 1890 and nearly 30,000 by 1920” (Goldfield p. 501). By the time of world war II, “draft calls took men off the assembly line, and women had changed the composition of the industrial workforce” (Goldfield p. 734). These women were given the opportunity to take over not just farms, and businesses but they also had factory jobs to do and “by July 1944, 19 million women held paid jobs” (Goldfield p. 734). The amount was substantial for ladies but near the 50s this had fallen because of society’s push for stay-at-home-moms. The turnaround for this was in 1960 because “35 percent of all women held jobs, including 7.5 million mothers with children under 17” (Goldfield p. 785)
Among the work force women also had a role politically and social but it took some time for that to come about as well, because men were thought to be the political sphere. These women sought out for equality and power to vote just like the men. With much time finally a change had begun, “ despite the opposition of male politicians of both major parties, suffragists succeeded by the mid-1890s in gaining full woman...

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