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Lady Gaga: Before The Fame Essay

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Everyone has heard of Lady Gaga. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young. Everyone at least has heard her name. She is a chart topping songwriter/artist/dancer/actor, and is known for her incredible high fashion looks, and her outrageous pop music. Lady Gaga hasn’t always been a huge pop star, but once she got there, no one thought about where her stardom came from. Many people may know who she is, but not many people know how she got to where she is now. Before she was famous, she was a waitress, a working musician, a burlesque dancer, and a wild child. She was just like everyone else, except, she was a little crazier.
Lady Gaga was born Stefani Germanotta on March 28th 1986, to her parent’s Cynthia and Joe Germanotta. Joe was an internet entrepreneur and Cynthia worked with telecommunications at verizon. They lived in New York City on the Upper West Side in a duplex. Joe and Cynthia were ...view middle of the document...

Stefani ended up spending a lot of her time in the clubs that she performed in.
During her time in the clubs, she built relationships with people that jump started her career. When Stefani was 21, she met a burlesque dancer named Lady Starlight (Coleen Martin). Soon after meeting, Starlight invited Stefani to start performing at burlesque bars with her. The two were a dynamic duo, they spent a lot of time together working on projects and performing all over New York on the Lower East Side. Starlight had watched Stefani perform in the club system, and she felt that Stefani was a brilliant performer, she eventually introduced Stefani to a music producer named Rob Fusari.
The first time that Rob Fusari had met Stefani, he was not impressed. He didn’t like her “look”. He felt that she wouldn’t be good business for him. His opinion was immediately changed once he saw her perform. She had a great voice, and she felt that her stage presence was amazing. He immediately signed her and got her a record deal with Island Def Jam. Once the record deal was signed, Fusari started working on her look. He had her bleach her hair, lose a little bit of weight, and he updated her look. Once her look was edited, they started they decided to give her a name. There are a few different rumors a to the origins of the name “Lady Gaga”. Stefani herself use to say that her name was created after Fusari had told her that she was “gaga!”. People from her team also use to say that her name came from the Queen song “Radio Gaga”. This rumor isn’t completely false, but it isn’t exactly true. The name Lady Gaga was created when Fusari, Starlight, Stefani, ,and a couple other people had met to discuss what they wanted the name to be. Since Stefani was a fan of Queen, they really did use the song “Radio Gaga”. After the Gaga part had been chosen, Stefani fel that it was to bare. SHe decided to add “Lady” to it, and that is where The Lady Gaga came from. Once the name was chosen, they started working on Lady Gaga’s first album “The Fame”. Fusari and Gaga had gotten a few songs done, until Island Def Jam unexpectedly dropped her from their label. Gaga was distraught.

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