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Lady Gaga, The Best New Artist

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There is a constant influx of new musical performing artists. Most tend to blend into the background noise. A handful are talented enough to garner media coverage. These performers build a nicely sized fan base, but never really find a substantial place in the public eye. This may be due to the fact that they tend to meld into the backdrop by following a kind of established formula for stardom. They may have wonderful music, with catchy melodies and strong beats, but it takes more than that to be considered the best new artist. One such artist, making strides in new directions and moving away from the cookie cutter sort of style that brings only mediocre recognition, is Lady Gaga. She conveys an outgrowth of her personality to the stage by pushing established boundaries further in both her music and how she presents herself. Lady Gaga, with her striking fashion, talent, and uniqueness, has become the best new artist to hit the stage.
Fashion, beyond all, is Lady Gaga's staple attribute. It is what makes her stand out from the plethora of other performing artists. Her outfits and performances are never short of stunning. Lady Gaga designs and even makes many of her stage outfits. This is really important because it opens an entire avenue of expression through which she can connect to her audience and show them who she is. Her costumes are exceptionally creative. For example, the plastic bubble outfit which she donned for part of her first solo tour was certainly one of the most creative. Clear plastic orbs were attached to her to form a sort of coat for a very interesting effect. One outfit she wore the 2009 MTV VMA awards was a red lace dress and mask which completely covered her face. The ensemble was topped with a tall spiked red crown. She accepted the award for best new artist in this outfit and proceeded to remove her lace mask theatrically to thank her fans. This sort of thing isn't something that one sees every day. Lady Gaga's fashion statements are a refreshing, and oft surprising, deviation from the norm. This gives her a certain allure above other comparable artists. We are all attracted to things that we feel are out of the ordinary. Along with the fashion, her performances have story to them. Each one is something like a theatrical performance, something new.
In the most important criteria for any good artist, the music, Lady Gaga excels with new twists. She takes what has become today's pop music, which is an electronic sort of dance music similar to synthesized 80s pop music, and infuses it with her own creativity. The strongest part of Lady Gaga's music writing is her striking ability to create catchy melodies. They are the sort that can stay trapped in a person's head all day long, but it's the sort of music one might actually want to get stuck in one's head, especially because Lady Gaga's music fits into the genres of pop, dance, and electronica, some of the most generally catchy genres there are. Though the tunes are...

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