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(1.5.57-58) In this scene Lady Macbeth believes that Macbeth lacks the ability to fulfil the witches' second prophecy. She learns that Duncan is coming to visit her and she calls upon supernatural agents to fill her with cruelty. Lady Macbeth says "Come, thick night, And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell…" In this quote she is asking the supernatural agents to fill her with the darkest smoke of hell.(5.1.38) In this scene a gentlewoman who waits on Lady Macbeth has seen her walking in her sleep and has asked a doctor's advice. Together they observe Lady Macbeth make the gestures of repeatedly washing her hands as she relives the horrors that she and Macbeth have carried out and experienced. Lady Macbeth says "Hell is murky." She is remembering the murder that she and Macbeth committed. She states, "Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?" remembering how bloody the Macbeth's hands were. She felt horrified that they had committed this evil act of murder.These two quotes go together because first she is asking to be filled with the darkness of hell and then says later in the play that hell is murky. These two quotes show that she had asked to be filled with hell and then later after committing these sinful actions she describes hell as being dark and unclear.(2.2.82-83) Here in this scene Lady Macbeth is talking to Macbeth about the murdering of Duncan. Macbeth's hands were red with blood from killing Duncan and Lady Macbeth says "My hands are of your color, but I shame To wear a heart so white." This quote means that she is in the middle of this incident but she wishes not to be in it because of its brutality. She feels ashamed because she made Macbeth make sure he fulfilled the witches prophecies.(5.1.44-45) In this scene Lady Macbeth is sleep walking and is commenting on the...

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907 words - 4 pages himinto doing many things that he wouldn’t have done if she wasn’t there to talk him into it. At the end of Act 2, Scene 1 Macbeth has another soliloquy and he is imagining the daggers in his hands. He feels that there is something wrong with him. Macbeth knows that the whole situation is wrong but it to him it seems like the perfect time to take action. He believes the prophecies and he is willing to risk everything to be King. In Scene 2 Lady

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565 words - 2 pages Macbeth in creepy and dark costumes. “…Macbeth would wear a scarlet cloth (symbolizing blood), over a dark costume (symbolizing evil)…” (Ross 28). Shakespeare would also use tone and effects to hint at Macbeth’s evilness. Lady Macbeth was also viewed as a dark individual. “ Black silk for Lady Macbeth would signify the same…” (Ross 28). Macbeth was set up to be an evil character from the beginning of the story. Plemmons 2 Throughout the play

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555 words - 2 pages him from being king- she will overcome it.Act 2Scene 1: Macbeth is being compelled to murder Duncan. Shakespeare often shows the inner turmoil of characters. There is imagery of death and the scene is set at night (a scene of doom). Macbeth is aware that he is delusional. Important speech by Macbeth (line-61).Scene 2: Macbeth kills Duncan but is unsure of himself. He has a sense of regret and needs to be reassured by Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth

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990 words - 4 pages Lady Macbeth (2). For example, Macbeth convinced himself that Banquo suspected that he was involved in the murder of Duncan. Therefore, Macbeth willingly decided to kill Banquo and his son without asking for Lady Macbeth’s insight. It becomes obvious at this point in the play that Macbeth has become a tyrannous murderer and will eradicate anything that stands in his way. Another one of Macbeth’s most delusional visions is during the banquet


1525 words - 6 pages see Macbeth as her husband, but sees him more like a pawn. She pays no attention to her husband’s wishes. “Lady Macbeth’s ambition is represented as the ruling motive, and intense over mastering passion, which is gratified at the expense of every just and generous principal and every feminine feeling”(Jameson, pg.2). The desire for power and control are mostly masculine characteristics that only men had during the Jacobean era. Even Macbeth

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909 words - 4 pages be wealthy and to be able to do anything he likes. An exemplar of how he is willing to do anything is when he set up King Duncan to be killed and states,"I go, and it is done; the bell invites me. Hear it not, Duncan; for it is a knell that summons thee to heaven or to hell. (Macbeth act 2 scene 1). Macbeth is also to blame for his downfall because he is a coward and takes all the advice his wife lady Macbeth and the witches gave him. This is

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837 words - 3 pages . He never tells her his plan, and only foreshadows that there will be some news about Banquo to the Lady Macbeth. His lines and behavior shows that the he is actively trying to commit another murder, and is never afraid of killing someone. And the Lady Macbeth became the passive character, which was considered as the part of womanhood.I've discussed the two dialogues, the act 1 scene 7 and the act3 scene 2.The play "Macbeth" shows. how can the characteristics be changed but also the depth of the human's ambition, by showing ironical shift of chracteristics of Macbeth and the Lady Macbeth. Also, Macbeth conveys that how can the human being be more vicious and immortal.

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952 words - 4 pages how desperate she is to make him murder Duncan, which suggests to me she is afraid to do it herself. I have absolutely no sympathy for her here as I think she is taking advantage of Macbeth and she turns him against his will. In act 2 scene 2 after Macbeth kills Duncan. He hears a knock and starts to get scared. Then lady Macbeth uses her control over him to make him get on with the murder even though he doesn’t want to, she’s also too


814 words - 3 pages ’s true fate.Macbeth informing Lady Macbeth of the prophecy is possibly the most consequential decision he has ever made. Lady Macbeth, a cruel and evil woman, attacks Macbeth’s manhood in order to persuade Macbeth. Lady Macbeth exclaims, “In firm of purpose” (II, 2, 52)! Macbeth only contemplated the killing of Duncan yet Lady Macbeth assured he killed Duncan. Macbeth only had pondered ideas of which he may become king, but Lady

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1130 words - 5 pages had a malevolent plot to slaughter Banquo. He sees the ghostly apparition of Banquo, which changes his behaviour. When Macbeth had murdered King Duncan in Act 2 Scene 2, he said to his wife “this is a sorry sight” and she powerfully responds “a foolish thought, to say a sorry sight.”, this indicates that Lady Macbeth is attempting to convince him that there is no sorrow murdering the King, which delineates more of

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1225 words - 5 pages and draws attention to himself. It is then that Lady Macbeth has to help him out and draw the attention away from him and to her by fainting. She does this later too, during the banquet scene. Lady Macbeth is always there to clean up after Macbeth and it shows that she is very concerned with him and he must not reveal himself. She tells him not to let himself be revealed.In Act 3 Scene 2, the further deterioration of Macbeth and in particular

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1924 words - 8 pages Act 2 Scene 2 as a Turning Point in the Play for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth On the way home from a courageous battle the play begins with Macbeth and Banquo's noble and victorious return. During their journey they are greeted by 3 witches whom prophesize Macbeth's rise to power as King. Macbeth is very curious about these strange beings and their message and starts to wonder if it really is quite possible to find

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1548 words - 6 pages How Are Macbeth And Lady Macbeth Presented In Act 2 Scene 2? How Could This Be Shown On Stage? In Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are presented in various ways throughout the scene. This is because of the tense and anxious nature of the scene. The characters go through a number of changes in feeling through the scene; these changes will be looked at in detail in the main body of the essay. This scene takes place immediately after

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612 words - 2 pages minute. "Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done't." (Lady Macbeth 2:2 pg. 55) Lady Macbeth was the character who wanted Duncan murdered, and she had agreed to do the act herself, but before she could, she found an excuse not to. Macbeth, in turn, kills Duncan, but not without a great feeling of guilt. Lady Macbeth is a hypocrite for not fulfilling her plans of murdering Duncan herself.Lady Macbeth lets her guests at dinner believe

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4790 words - 19 pages Macbeth. Lady Macbeth doesn’t realise Macbeth’s situation “a little water clears us of this dead” she says, this showing that the couple are slowly separating because of what they have done. It is very noticeable that they are gradually going separate ways in their actions. In act 2 scene three lady Macbeth starts the scene showing how false she is “such a hideous trumpet calls to parley” (her guests get woken up