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Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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In Shakespeare's play Macbeth a Scottish noblemen in the beginning is the main character that proves to be somewhat dynamic in his personal representation. He starts off as being a very generous guy; he actually is more of the heroic type. However, change is not far behind as the story dips right into the mind altering experience that would later drive Macbeth mad with power. The story then introduces the three witches for the second time and they tell him of his prophecy; that he will soon rule in King Duncans' spot on the thrown. He tries to be an honorable man and says“We will proceed no further in this business” (287. Line 33 Act 1.7.) but still has the lust for power which inevitably makes Macbeth eager to rule and will undoubtedly lead to his demise.
After his encounter with witches and learns he will become king; he begins to think murderously. When he arrived at a plot to kill Duncan, he then conveyed the idea of being King to Lady Macbeth. To ...view middle of the document...

This leads him to degrade his subjects, use manipulation and make them depreciate in value. He believes that the court subjects are lowly servants to be at his beck and call or bugs for him to squash under his feet. It is as if he is completely stripped of his human emotions once given the power of the crown. As time elapsed, Macbeth started to be looked down upon as a “tyrant” instead of a king due to his killing spree's. The excessive gain and use of power appears to leave him emotionless.
The ruthless killing spree of Banquo, Mac duff’s family, and others in the story was caused by the paranoia, fear and greed. This meant that more people would have to be killed, and this included the king's son who was next in line for the throne. At this point Macbeth has experienced a number of breakdowns, and he begins to lose his human characteristics.
At a feast he see's Banquo's ghost.“Can such things be, and overcome”
(3.4.314) is what he wonders but cannot shake Banquo's ghost. Each person he has killed results in another that needs to be killed. With each kill Macbeth loses feelings and his conscience is soon deteriorated to nothing. Macbeth's last shred of remorse is nearly gone, his wife dies and he barely cares. Macbeth is completely insane at this point, and he begins to believe the witches prophecy that he cannot be killed by "a man of woman born". Which he finds out during his last battle that MacDuff was taken from his mothers stomach and not woman born. Macbeth finally realizes his defeat and accepts the inevitable.
Macbeth's change from human to killer is his own doing. He allowed the evil that is within everyone to overwhelm him. His ambition and need for power put him through a transformation from hero to killer. Macbeth's conscience and feelings seemed to leave him. At first he needed Lady Macbeth to coax him into killing, and at the end he kills on impulse. After a number of mental breakdowns, Macbeth just loses it. At this point he stops representing anything human, and displays no human characteristics. All he desired was to have the honor, love, obedience and friendship of his subjects; which he was not meant to have.

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