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Lady Macbeth In Act One Scene Seven

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Lady Macbeth in Act One Scene Seven

In act 1 scene 7 we see that Macbeth is struggling with the moral and
ethical turmoil of his conscience as to weather he should commit the
sacrilegious act of regicide “with his surcease , success” Macbeth
feels that if it were to be the “be all and end all” he would do it ,
however he fears the repercussions in that it may “return to plague
th’inventor” this is a mere shadow of the brave valiant soldier we
have known in the past scenes. He concludes that he has “no spur to
prick the sides of my intent” aside from his “vaulting ambition” which
he decides will not suffice to get him through the trauma of killing
his friend and his king Duncan . Lady Macbeth then enters and sways
his wavering judgment by presenting him with a foolproof plan that
cannot fail. Her malicious content and scathing tongue antagonise
Macbeth and make her “the spur to prick the sides of my intent” she
alone has transformed Macbeth from a loyal friend and servant to the
king to being willing to “jump the life to come” risk eternal
damnation go against the divine right of kings and be the murderer of
his former companion Duncan.

At the beginning of Macbeths soliloquy he tries to persuade himself
that he would be prepared to kill the king if he could “trammel up the
consequences” and he could guarantee that no further complications
arise from the murder, and the whole matter would be neatly concluded,
then it would be best to kill Duncan and kill him quickly. Macbeth
even proclaims that he would “jump the life to come” and would risk
eternal damnation if it means he would gain the golden round for
himself.. Thus, if the assassination of Duncan could ensnare the
crown, he would not hesitate to commit the crime.

Despite the building bravado Macbeth in his mind is worried about what
it could mean to kill his king. He doesn’t seem to be scared of the
afterlife but we see his mind ponder upon the consequences that could
arise on earth to him, “bloody instructions, which being taught ,
return to plague th’inventor” Macbeth shows the audience he is brave
as he would be willing to go against the divine right of kings but his
fear that if he carried out the murder and act of regicide then when
as prophesised he becomes king someone seeing how easy it was to gain
power will murder him. Macbeth fears that the “even handed justice”
would prevail and the “poisoned chalice” will travel back down the
table to reach “his own lips” .

Further , Macbeth also has concerns about his personal relationship
with Duncan ,a man he has served as a friend for many years. Macbeths
loyalty to Duncan obscures his determination to be king and he begins
to question his motives for killing him he starts to weigh up the
situation and begins to tilt the other way. “he is here in double

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