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Lady Macbeth's Responsibility As For The Actions Of Her Husband.

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Lady Macbeth's Responsibility as for the Actions of Her Husband.

Lady Macbeth's responsibility lay in persuading Macbeth to carry out
her plans, whilst Macbeth's responsibility was in his actions (the
murders). They were both equal in the responsibility of the murders,
but they both showed this in different ways. In this essay I will
explain the key points showing each of their actions, and I will
explain my opinion, of Lady Macbeth and her responsibility.

Lady Macbeth's plan to become queen started the instant she heard of
her husband's encounter with the witches and the things that occurred
after that. She knows that the encounter with the three witches must
have not been Macbeth's imagination, because I think Macbeth was
strong minded enough to not have written the encounter if he hadn't
have seen it for certain. She also knows this because most of the
letter is centred on the three witches.

The last two lines of the letter leave Lady Macbeth with a lot to
think about, as he says

"…my dearest partner of greatness, that thou mightst not lose the dues
of rejoicing by being ignorant of what greatness is promised thee. Lay
it to thy heart and farewell".

He is saying trying to give hints to Lady Macbeth that something may
become of this encounter, as he calls her his 'partner of greatness'
and he says 'what greatness has promised thee'. This shows that he may
have a few ideas ready, but wants Lady Macbeth to think about it

When she finishes reading the letter, her mind is already scheming.
She knows that he will need her to become King, as she says

"art not without ambition, but without the illness that should attend

She is basically saying that he does not have the will power and
ambition to carry it out on his own, but she knows that she has what
he lacks, and they can work as a team to achieve the greatness which
has been told. The letter shows us a lot about their relationship. He
has no secrets that she doesn't know, and will cast out his feelings
to her. On the other hand, she is very quiet and secretive about what
she is thinking. This will reveal itself further on in the play. This
kind of behaviour shows who may gain the control in the future, due to
trickery and lies from Lady Macbeth.

After the letter reading, she calls upon the evil spirits to help her.
It is now becoming clear that she will give up her gentle, womanly
qualities to gain the top position, even though she will become a
sexless, pitiless fiend of a woman.

It now becomes clear that this is a plan that she has been thinking
about for a long time. I think this because in my opinion she is
saying it with confidence and powerfully as though it is her chance to
become queen, and she will make sure it does happen. She had always
thought about becoming queen, but had...

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