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Traveling to a foreign land is a worthwhile experience that should be taken advantage of. It's the time where you can let go of your insecurities and become one with the culture and people of a country. The best experience that a person can have is to travel to a new country and to dive into the whole experience of exploring the country with all of its mysteries first hand. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu is one of those people who let go and tried to absorb everything that Turkey had to offer. Montagu wrote a set of letters, to mostly her sister, about her experiences in Turkey. These letters later, were called "Turkey Letters". In these letters she talks about the things that people missed or had misconceptions of. She clears up a lot of these misunderstandings.In "Turkish Letters" by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Lady Montagu gets married to a member of the Turkish parliament named Edward Wortley Montagu. Then he was made ambassador four years later and then they moved to Turkey. She writes letters to her family and talks about her experience in Turkey and how the culture and people are different than she what she is used to. In one of her letters she talks about a bathhouse called a bagnios and her experience. Lady Montagu talks about how beautiful and "free" the women are and how this place is like a coffee house where women can talk about what is going on in the town. In some of her other letters, she talks about fashion in Turkey and how beautiful it is. Lady Montagu talks about the Muslim faith and how to some people it is strict and how it's not so strict to others. She also brought up the fact that she has never seen a camel in her life and describes them as being very large an unproportionate. She also talks about the architecture and how people said that they are "miserable pieces of buildings"(140) but that isn't the case....

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