Laird Plc Financial Position Analysis

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Laird Group Public Limited CompanyIntroductionBased in the United Kingdom and established as a shipbuilder in the 1800s, Laird Group Public Limited Company has transformed itself from a heavy engineering background to a diversified business that is now focused on electronics and technology. Following from its two ambitious business strategies, to hold market-leading position and seek opportunities for profitable growth, Laird Plc has been growing rapidly since the mid 1990's by acquisition throughout the world. Inside the group, Laird Technologies represents the core business as well as the direction of the future. With approximately 9,000 employees in North America, Europe and across Asia, Laird Technologies has now established its global market leader position in designing and supplying electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal interface products and wireless antennae solutions for all sectors of the electronics industry. ( 1 Laird Plc's acquisitions and salesDateAcquisitionAmount (£M)SellingAmount (£M)Details97FebFergom2.8 The Italian maker of automotive anti-vibration productsSepMimtec Electronics21 The provider of assembly services to the Scottish computer industry.98OctJW Window Components.6 Window balance business in the US from Walter IndustriesDecBavaria Elektronic6 The German manufacturer of electromagnetic interference shielding products.99Aug US packaging business44Part of a strategy to focus on car seals and computer components.00Jan US-based Panel Prints9.6Laird has completed the disposal of its printing and packaging operationsAugInstrument Specialities Company172 The US manufacturer of electromagnetic interference shields.Oct Draftex car body sealing business142Expects to complete the sale of its other automotive operationsNov LAC non-sealing automotive components business10201MarSash Controls5 The US supplier of domestic security products.NovR&F Products3 The US supplier of electromagnetic interference absorber products02Aug Fullarton computer assembly operation30Includes sites across Scotland, to Simclar of Dunfermline.03FebOmega International4.3 Expanded its security systems business in the USSepMagnes Corporation of Seoul1.4 Establish a direct sales, engineering and customer support operation in South KoreaNovIntron9 The manufacturer of composite doors, in order to expand its security systems division.04AprThermagon25 The US-based thermal management products companyJulLindman Group3.2 The supplier of composite entrance doorsAugCenturion Wireless Technologies107Laird Plastics division36The US supplier of mobile handset antennaeAugAdvanced Metal Technologies3.1 The US window security companySepHome Doors and Houseproud3.6 Securing the future of more than 300 jobs in Peterlee.05JanCateron Corporation13 The supplier of EMI shielding fabric over foam gaskets with sites in Taiwan and ChinaMaySecuridor Holdings1.5 The supplier of GRP doorsSepBuilders Hardware 5.5Permacell...

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