Lake Monsters: The Reality Of Their Existence

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Lake monsters are considered by many to be a myth, but, there are also people who think that they are real living beings. This has yet to be proven. There is much evidence that states that these beasts exist, but most of it is trivial. Some of the evidence has been proven false and, therefore, the disbelievers think that none of the creatures are real. Unfortunately, some of the most convincing evidence has been disproved. However, there is still enough credible evidence to validate the existence of most of the creatures.Undoubtedly, the most famous lake monster is the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie. She has been spotted by many people over the course of history. There are many things that could be in the loch. As of now, we do not know what Nessie looks like in her entirety. She could be one of any animals that are known to be in the loch, like sturgeon or eels. However, Mark Chorvinsky says that:Most of the Nessie witnesses describe something with two humps, a tail, and a snakelike head. A V-shaped wash was also often mentioned, and such details as a "gaping red mouth" and horns or antennae on the top of the creature's head were sometimes noted. Nessie's movements have been studied, and the films and photos analyzed to determine what Nessie might be, if she exists (Strangemag).Many sightings of Nessie could be taken as evidence, but it seems that the quality of the images is never very good. The words of the witnesses never seem to count for much either. According to Amazing Wonders of the World, a marine scientist using sonar discovered a large hidden cavern, or string of caves, at the deepest part of Loch Ness. Nessie could easily hide in this. It is also possible that Nessie could be a whale or some kind of echolocating animal, because “Mysterious clicking noises have… been recorded [below the lake’s surface]” (Baddiel 14-7).Another lake monster from Scotland is the Morag in Loch Morar. Loch Morar is approximately 80 km (about 50 miles) away from Loch Ness. Sightings have occurred as far back as 1887. As of 1981 there had been approximately thirty-five sightings of Morag. Morag and Nessie could be pliosaurs, a fairly newly discovered dinosaur that has a skull resembling depictions of Scotland's beasts. The best known encounter with Morag was in 1969. Two men accidentally ran into him in their speed boat. He hit them back, so one of the guys hit him with an oar, while the other guy shot him with a rifle. Morag then disappeared below the surface of the lake (Centre for Fortean Zoology).The Brosno dragon, also known as Brosnya, is a lake monster that lives in Lake Brosno in Russia. Most people think he is similar to Nessie. However, he seems to be more aggressive than Nessie. One legend says that Brosnya...

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