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With a lake depth of 86m and is 1.5% of the world's fresh water, Lake Ontario is one the five Great Lakes located on the borders between the United States and Canada. As the name suggests, this Lake Ontario is in the province of Ontario as well as the state of New York. As one of the Great Lakes, the lake provides many with fresh water (once it has been filtered). When starting from left to right, Lake Ontario is the last lake in the chain of Great Lakes through links of small bodies of water. It is also linked to the St. Lawrence River which is connected with the Atlantic Ocean. This lake also serves as a harbour to cities that are situated around it ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, like many ecosystems, this lake provides habitats for many animals such as the bullhead, the American eel, the northern pike, and the walleye. As this lake is large, there are various locations along the shoreline of the lake where people can visit to see the lake (beaches). This lake is well-known as well as the other four lakes that form The Great Lakes, as a popular location, this attracts tourists from all over the world which will increase Canada’s economy. With the additional money Canada has made through tourism, it can be used to fund and protect the lake from things such as water pollution which can eventually lead to the water becoming undrinkable. This lake is important to the people because, as stated before, this lake is a source of income for Canada, whether it being exporting/importing or tourism, this lake assists the economy. The money is then returned to the people in forms such as healthy environments and safer neighbourhoods.

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In Toronto, a study shows that the swage pollution as well as the treatment of its water is the worst in Ontario. The reason behind why Toronto has a bad reputation is because of the outdated sewage infrastructure. According to Podolsky, “billions of litres of either raw or partially treated sewage”. With so much pollution occurring in the lake, it had serious effects on the lake’s eco-system, and has reduced the overall biodiversity of the lakes. What makes matters worst is the increase level of the bacteria, known as E. Coli, which is very harmful to people. A simple solution to this is simply to raise awareness or create a petition stating how sewage should not be dumped into the lake. Fortunately, Toronto is aware of the issue at hand and is currently trying to improve the quality of the sewage system. Although the water is still drinkable, the cost of treating/purifying the water is gradually increasing which could be an issue in the near future.

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Seen in this photo, Lake Ontario has a cleaner side as well as a dirtier side. I am aware of Hamilton’s factories spewing garbage into the lakes. I would recommend for Ontario to...

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