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Lake Sturgeon Regulation And Recovery In New York

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Lake sturgeon are listed as threatened and are protected in New York State by the Endangered and Threatened Species of Fish and Wildlife; Species of Special Concern; Incidental Take Permits regulation of the New York State Conservation Regulations Chapter 1 Part 182 (Part, n.d.). This regulation affords the state the ability to list native species from New York as threatened or endangered within the state and its waters for multiple reasons. If the species is listed as threatened or endangered by the federal government, through the Department of the Interior, it will be placed on the states list. Listed here are reason that could result in the listing of a species in New York, the population is unable to self-sustain due to depleted population size, the total adult reproducing population is sufficient to self sustain, the species is listed as threatened or endangered by any adjacent state or is a candidate species under the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), the species has non-cyclically declined in a large portion of it’s natural range, changes in the species habitat or range threaten its survival, overuse of the species for any purpose, disease, pollution, predation or competition threaten survival, existence and adequacy of current regulations, geographic restriction, the species is highly susceptible to changes in the environment, or other natural or human factors that affect the survival of the species (Part n.d.).
Through this regulation, recovery of a species can be aided and further actions to threaten a species are prohibited (Part n.d.). Section 182.6 affords the state the discretion to develop and implement recovery and restoration plans. A recovery plan will define goals to facilitate the rebound of a listed species and the eventual de-listing. The recovery plan will also maintain current evaluations on the species as long as it is listed. Section 182.8 prohibits actions that will or are likely to take individuals of a threatened or endangered species.
The recovery plan for the New York State population of lake sturgeon protects them from harvest, establishes habitat improvement, allows stocking of fingerlings, and continues evaluation of the recovery along with education programs to bolster the recovery (Lake, n.d.b). The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has been using stocking of hatchery fish to aid the recovery of lake sturgeon in Lake Ontario and Saint Lawrence River tributaries. These bodies of water include Black, Oneida, and Cayuga Lakes, along with Oswegatchie, and Saint Regis Rivers. Stocking of these waters are in a five-year plan adding 1500 fingerlings each year. NYSDEC expects success to show lake sturgeon reaching maturity and spawning in these waters. The recovery plan at this time has helped kept the lake sturgeon off the ESA list (Welsh, 2004). The species evaluation has shown that there are self-sustaining populations in the Saint Lawrence, Niagara and Grasse Rivers...

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