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Have you ever wondered where the dominating Lakers basketball franchise first started? Well this paper will explain where it all began. It will tell you about some of the great players who played for the Lakers and also about the championships that they have won.
The now Los Angeles Lakers began in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1947. During that same year of 1947, the Lakers acquired one of the top centers in the league at the time, George Mikan (“History” para. 1). Before Mikan played for the Lakers he played for the Chicago Gears where he earned sixty thousand dollars per year, which was the most of any player at the time (Rainbolt page. 12). George Mikan, a six -ten man, played four years ...view middle of the document...

13). Satisfied, they returned to the Finals the next year to face off against the New York Knickerbockers in 1952 (“History” para. 17). By winning the title that year was their second straight year winning a championship (“History” para. 18). In the third championship appearance the Lakers played the Knicks once again, but they came away with a loss in the first of seven games (“History” para. 21). During the 1953-54 season the Lakers signed a talented rookie, Clyde Lovellette (“History” para. 23). The following season in 1954 the NBA introduced the twenty four second shot clock and the six fouls per quarter (“History” para. 26).
Because the Lakers finished last in the league in the 1957 season, they got the first draft pick which they used to select Elgin Baylor (Thornley para. 17). Clyde Lovellette became the starting center after George Mikan retired (“History” para. 27). In 1960 the Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles, California (“Los Angeles” para. 1). Elgin Baylor helped the Lakers make it to the championship round in 1960 (Thornley para. 17). In their first season in L.A. the Lakers finished with a record of fifty-two wins and twenty-six losses to earn second place (“Los Angeles” para. 1). In 1961 the Lakers played the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals (“Los Angeles” para. 2). After the loss to the Celtics in the finals, the Lakers would acquire a new center, Wilt Chamberlain (“Los Angeles” para. 9). They only played their new star player, Wilt Chamberlain, nine times in the 1969 season; however, they still managed to do well that season (“Los Angeles” para. 10).
The following season the Lakers went to the finals against the Knicks, but lost in game seven (“Los Angeles” para. 11). In the 1971 season, the Lakers won their first championship since moving to L.A. (“Los Angeles” para. 13). To attempt regaining their...

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