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Lala La La Essay

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How did the privileges of the vestal virgins, and the tasks they performed, demonstrate their significance to Roman society?The selection of the Vestal Virgins is followed out in a procedure that has developed over years, ensuring that the chosen girls qualify for the role. The Vestal Virgins were venerated priestesses to the goddess of Hearth, Vesta (Vesta publica populi Romani Quiritium), in Ancient Rome. Within this society, to be chosen to uphold the title of a Vestal Virgin was seen as a prodigious honour. The number of Vestals selected never exceeded the limit of six; taken from a faction of young, physically impeccable girls from their sixth to tenth year with aristocratic birth and two parents, they were chosen to fulfil the Vestal's initial duty and guard the 'Sacred Fire of Vesta'. The Vestal selection process could occur through two differing means; Pontifex Maximus, the high priest of the College of Pontiffs in Ancient Rome, could select twenty girls whom would then be chosen by lot, or a man of respectable birth could offer his daughter of his own accord and she could be accepted into priesthood. However, Vesta herself, made the ultimate decision of who would become a Vestal Virgin. The selection of these priestesses accentuated the importance of familial cult purity regarding the Vestal candidate. The superior class of women in Roman society were the Virgines, and the binary class were the Matronae. Vestals' virginity ensured that they remained in the Virgine class. When Vestals were initially selected at the choosing ceremony, captio, they were taken from their parents, led by the hand in order to commence their new, extraordinary and diverse lives and spoken the words, "I take you, Amata, to be a Vestal priestess, who will carry out sacred rites which it is the law for a Vestal priestess to perform on behalf of the Roman people, on the same terms as her who was a Vestal 'on the best terms'".The roles of the Vestal Virgins as well as the tasks they perform illustrate their significance to the Roman society. The young priestesses were committed to their title as Vestal Virgins for a period of thirty years where they had sworn celibacy as well as ultimate devotion to the goddess, Vesta. These thirty years were employed in three separate divisions of allegiance; the first ten years of being a Vestal Virgin was consumed in apprenticeship, the second period of their lives were spent in service and the final ten years of upholding this role were devoted to guiding others. The primary role of a Vestal Virgin was the preservation of the undying flame of the 'Sacred Fire of Vesta' in the shrine of Vesta, the goddess of Hearth. Their vow of chastity and their vow of sustaining the fire made them vital individuals in that time in ancient history. They were perceived to be so sacred and divine-like, that if a person sentenced to death met a Vestal Virgin on his way to execution, he would be automatically pardoned. The priestess' preservation...

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